Adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) Unveil Their Classic ’70s Three Stripe Tracksuit

adidas originals three stripe tracksuit

The Adidas Originals Three Stripe Tracksuit made its first debut in the mid-70’s with their iconic take on men’s loungewear.

Also, let’s not forget the brand also helped define the look of hip-hop during that era as well by bringing fashionable athleticism to the urban streets where it all began. In recent news, thanks to the revival of urban streetwear fashion, to help celebrate the timeless sportswear pieces originally brought to the mass in the mid 70’s and 80’s, Adidas Originals will unveil a few new pieces from its vintage classic collection in a dope revival production of the original tracksuits.

Let’s talk about aesthetic and authenticism from the archives, this collection combines ’70s-inspired designs with present-day materials, modern fits and innovative colorways to create an efficient take on today’s Adidas’ classic retro pieces. All items are then finished with the iconic three stripes motif and logo, fusing the collection with the ultimate stamp of approval for a dope tribute rendition of the original Adidas tracksuit.
These past 2 fashion seasons have been huge for sportswear apparel and street styled garments, and with this ’70s-inspired collection launching in the next couple of days, this classic Adidas rendition will definitely keep fans in style and up to date with the latest in sportswear fashion.

Although there is not yet a specific release date on file, the Adidas ’70s Three Stripe Tracksuit collection will drop sometime by the end of the month. So make sure you keep it locked with HeyMikeyATL because we’ll definitely keep you posted on this dope collection. You’re dope for reading!

Written By: Mark Pollard

mark pollard

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