[PHOTOS] Netflix’s (@Netflix) ‘The Get Down’ Part 2 Premiere Party!

herizen guardiola mylene cruz the get sown
- New York, NY - 4/5/17 - Netflix New York Kickoff Party for Part Two of "The Get Down" -Pictured: Herizen Guardiola -Photo by: Patrick Lewis/Starpix -Location: Irving Plaza

#AboutLastNight! The cast of The Get Down “got down” at the premiere party for Part 2 of their hit series!

It all went down at Irving Plaza and from the looks of it most of the cast showed up casket sharp and sexy! Check out a few of the photos from the magical night below.

The Get Down is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s  hottest series and we are more than happy to see it back.

Recently we attended a private screening  and saw the first episode of Part 2 (Check out the shoes they gave us afterwards below!). The Get Down picks up with Zeke and Mylene making moves towards their dreams. Zeke, Shaolin Fantastic (Shao), and The Kipling Brothers (Ra-Ra, Boo-Boo, and Dizzie) AKA “The Fantastic Four + 1” perform at small club, that Shao uses in part as a front to push drugs. The group seems to be destabilizing as Ra-Ra and Zeke disagree with Shao’s mishandling of the profits and how he makes money.

the get down keds shoes

Meanwhile, Mylene and her girls perform on television her latest hit single, Jesus Christ. She experiences mounting pressure from her family to remain wholesome, her uncle to push his political agenda, and her record label to promote their name and be sexy. Her own voice is seemingly lost in the shuffle and her budding relationship with Zeke is already threatened when she does not acknowledge their relationship in an interview. Drama, music, love, fame, failure, and the grind! The Get Down is back with five new episodes and that means it is time for a binge watch! Check back here for a review soon!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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