[VIDEO] 4/4/2017-“Suddenly Swarming”

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Hey Mikey,

It really feels like life’s problems are beginning to overwhelm. I consider myself a pretty good multi-tasker and am trying to prioritize everything I have to do but the more I do the more goes wrong. My best friend has been trying to help me but I just can’t let him be there for me right now. I’m so annoyed by things like my brother being incarcerated, my personal finances, and most of all the lack of love in my life; that I don’t really wanna drag him into shit. I know all of the stuff that’s bothering is mostly petty but I can’t just seem to get out of this rut of continuously bad stuff happening….I’m falling apart…Please help…

-Chaotic in Louisville

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***Chaotic in Louisville, one of the hardest things about being human is enduring the trials of life and unfortunately sometimes they come at us hard, quickly, and back to back. Whenever I have been faced with overwhelming problems I have been forced to recenter myself. Look at every issue to determine what I can and cannot do about it, accept my role in it, and then prioritize what issues can be fixed first. Your friend seems to want help you, I think you should allow him. Your life is suddenly swarming little things that seem to matter so much that they confuse you, and you feel like you’re losing yourself. Don’t worry, this is not how you fall apart. Regroup, recenter, recover, recharge, and move forward! I assure you it’s going to be okay.

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Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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