[VIDEO/TRAILER] The Boys Are Back–Tyson Anthony’s “Raising Eli” Season 2!

raising eli promo poster

If we have not said it before then please allow us to yell it from the rooftops (and put this in all Caps!), “TYSON ANTHONY IS THE MAN!”

Yep, your favorite writer and web series guru, Tyson Anthony is back with a new season of his hit show, Raising Eli!

When we left off last season it seemed like Eli (Chris June) had reached his boiling point after a series of stressful events. Besides having the son of his “sort of ex-boyfriend,” Travis (Monnie Isham) needing a place to stay, he was wrought with job offer rejections, bill collectors, and then repeated rejection from his love interest, King (Desjuan Zaire). Meanwhile, Travis found himself drawn to Eli’s complacent, and bisexual, neighbor, Shad (Desmond Fletcher) who dreams of being an actor, but loves his weed, Netflix, and chilling a little too much to be productive!

raising eli promo poster

(l-r) The cast of Tyson Anthony’s “Raising Eli,” (l-r) Desmond Fletcher, Monnie Isham, Chris June (standing), and Desjuan Zaire

We loved the characters, drama, angst, and humor of last season, but more importantly we were drawn to its realism and relatability. How many of us struggle, or have struggled to pay bills, find employment, been a victim of domestic violence, suffer from social anxiety, been used for sex, or been someone’s last resort. None of these are good feelings or experiences. Like a true genius Tyson put it words and made Raising Eli work! Which is why we are glad it is back for a second season that from the teaser trailer below looks like it is going to be crazy!

Naturally we have so many questions! Like who is that girl and the guy sitting at the table? What we can tell from the tone of this teaser that there is going to be a fair share of drama and angst this season with all of our characters. More importantly, the introduction of new characters is always interesting as new personalities only make the mix of the story more layered. We are however more than happy to Jerome Parker in the series. He is an exceptional actor, and almost rivals Desmond Fletcher in his number of web series. You can check him out by clicking here and looking back on his work in Pharm: The Series and Entercourse! Be sure you check back here for more updates and exclusive interviews with cast coming soon to HeyMikeyATL.com!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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