Binge Watch Worthy: Netflix’s (@netflix) “Iron Fist,” “The Get Down,” & “Chewing Gum!”

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We love ourselves some Netflix! It is hard to believe it started off as a way to stream movies from anywhere. Now, however, it has become a full fledged network with its own original series.

Over the last month we have definitely been binge watching three of its original series; Marvel’s Iron Fist, The Get Downand Chewing Gum!

Each of these series were so riveting and good that we had to tell you why you should be sacrificing five to thirteen hour stints of time catching up on them!

Marvel’s Iron Fist

iron fist

Netflix has really found a niche with its Marvel series based on lesser known heroes from Marvel Comics wide repertoire. We loved Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and now we are just as stoked for Iron Fist. This latest series entails the origins of martial arts master, Danny Rand, who can use his chi energy to harden his fist with glowing energy that make his fists virtually indestructible. With these fists he can shatter substances as hard as steel and stone. Played by actor, Finn Jones, the series shows Danny’s return to New York City after being declared dead years ago. He soon learns however, his family’s company is being ran by his former childhood friends, who have become corporate sharks. Additionally, the threat of a terrorist ninja clan, The Hand, grows when they began selling drugs under his company’s name. Danny must overcome his own demons and insecurities to master his role as the “Iron Fist” and save the city in the process.

Marvel definitely made an awesome attempt at adapting Iron Fist to Netflix. However, it does have a few kinks. The source material is dated and plays off white savior stereotypes. A happy compromise would have been to make him Asian. Many fans feel Lewis Tan would have been a better choice to lead the series. We have to agree. Finn Jones may be Game of Thrones cool, but he was off his mark here. Hopefully he can make it up in The Defenders which will debut later this year!

The Get Down

the get down key art poster

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since we fell in love with the hit series, The Get Down! The period piece entails the rise of rap AKA “The Get Down” and the decline of disco shown against the backdrop of political strife, crime, and urban decay in the Bronx. Truly this series is a love story as we watched Ezekiel Figuro (Justice Smith) and Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola) fall for each other and chase their dreams. The whole good boy wins over the girl next door motif really works for the show. Especially when you have strong, colorful characters like Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore), Cadillac (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), and The Kipling Brothers (Ra-Ra, Boo-Boo, and Dizzie/Rumi; Skylan Brooks, Tremaine Brown, Jr., and Jaden Smith, respectively).

Part 2 of the first season aired a week ago and we binge watched it in a single night! These five episodes briefly quenched our thirst for the series, but only makes us wonder when, or if, the series is coming back. The music, acting, and plots in this film really weave a beautiful tapestry

Chewing Gum

the cast of netflix's chewing gum series

Michaela Coel is a comedic genius! We always heard British comedies were hilarious, but now we know that rings true thanks to this topsy-turvy antics of Chewing Gum. Now in its second season, the series stars Michaela as “Tracey Gordon,” a twenty-four year old religious young woman who is eager to lose her virginity. Her quest to seal the deal earns her the ire, disapproval, and outright pity of her family and friends, but brings us some seriously side splitting laughter.

In the second season we find Tracey trying to return home, but her mother refuses to allow her back unless she can prove she has changed and given up her pursuit of sexual encounters and her boyfriend. Tracey must learn to navigate family life once again, be friends with her ex, and continue her pursuit of being deflowered! Prepare to see some of the zaniest acts this side of the Atlantic Ocean!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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