Web Series & Masterpiece…Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Raising Eli” Season 2!

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How many times can we say that Tyson Anthony is a true genius? Definitely once more, because it has never been truer!

The writer and creator of About Him, who also brought us Pharm: The Series and Entercourse is back with a second season of his hit web series, Raising Eli!

tyson anthony's raising eli

When we last left off in the first season finale Eli (Chris June) seemed to overwhelmed with personal, romantic, and financial issues. Meanwhile, Travis (Monnie Isham) and Shad (Desmond Fletcher) grew closer, bonding over pizza, video games, and general laziness. Elsewhere, we learned King (Desjuan Zaire) suffers from social anxiety disorder. In the second season a few months have passed and things seem to only have gotten even harder for Eli. He was evicted from his house and has moved into a home his grandmother left for him–with Travis in tow. To make matters worse his insensitive and obnoxious cousin, Monte moves in too when his lack of finances threaten to have their home foreclosed on.

tyson anthony's raising eli

Meanwhile Shad seems to be getting it together as he moves into his own apartment, gets a job at Wahlgreen’s, and focuses on his acting career. However, he finds himself sort of distracted by hanging out with Travis and hooking up with King, who struggles to deal with his social anxiety and missing Eli. Needless to say all of the guys have some growing up to do while reconciling their current issues with all of their aspirations.

tyson anthony's raising eli

We viewed the first five episodes of the new season and are super hooked! This is one truly talented cast of young men. We definitely love seeing Chris June in anything and were surprised to learn he can sing. Just as exciting are the in depth interviews that air after each of the episodes. It really gives you the opportunity to learn a lot more about the cast. Season 3 please!

Again, Tyson Anthony is the man and we are more than happy Raising Eli is back! You can order all of this season’s episodes by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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