Not The Father! Papoose (@papooseonline) Responds to Woman Alleging He’s Her Daughter’s Father!


When it comes to the Love & Hip-Hop franchise the only couple that seems to be rocking hard in the love aspect is Papoose and Remy Ma.The Black love radiating from them is exemplary! We love how ride or die Papoose is for his lady, sticking with her through prison and this latest drama with Nicki Minaj.

Well now the couple is facing a new issue, thanks to a woman alleging Papoose fathered a daughter with her while Remy was incarcerated!

Papoose has denied the allegations, and tried to remain above the rumors by not responding. However, he recently released a statement responding not only to the woman, but the blog that posted the story as well.

via Fameolous

remy ma and papoose

Papoose and Remy Ma

He writes,

Sad, sad, sad what some people will do for attention/followers these days. Everybody told me not to entertain this BS because the lie is so ridiculous and NOBODY believes it but I dislike liars/fakes, so I gotta do it. Shout out to the fake blogger who STARTED this lie along with the female in this picture. Peace 2 the innocent child. SMH. I’m not sure who paid y’all to do this but return their money cause it didn’t work. Hope y’all enjoyed y’all 5 seconds of fame cause I’m putting this lie to rest tonight. Come back to my page in 1 hour. I keep telling y’all haters #blacklove is INVINCIBLE
For now I’m gonna let MJ talk to y’all cause he said it better than me ✌🏿️ #blacklove

Celebrity gossip site, Fameolous is also backing Papoose. See what they had to say below.

We have to agree with Fameolous on this one. Leave Papoose alone! Besides this is something DNA can easily clear up.

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