#CelebrityCrush- Ricky Whittle (@MrRickyWhittle)

ricky whittle

Gather ’round lovelies and Happy Monday! You all know we reserve Monday’s for the best of the best in Hollywood and today, we promise not to disappoint. Today’s new bae is a familiar face on TV and as a scene stealing hunk, we’re sure he won your heart over long before today.

From his appearances on ‘Single Ladies’, ‘NCIS’ and ‘American Gods’, actor Ricky Whittle is our #CelebrityCrush for today!

Ricky Whittle in Calvin Klein

Ricky Whittle strips down to his Calvins

Ricky Whittle is an England born actor (y’all know how much I love Englishmen!) and model. He first rose to prominence publicly as a model for Reebok in the early 2000s. In the United Kingdom he is best known for his long-term role as Calvin Valentin in the soap opera “Hollyoaks“. In 2009, he competed in the BBC reality series “Strictly Come Dancing” where he placed second to sports presenter Chris Hollins.

In 2012 we saw Ricky Whittle grace our television screens on the hit show “Single Ladies” and again the following year with a guest starring role on the crime procedural drama “NCIS”.

Ricky Whittle x American Gods

Ricky Whittle x American Gods

In 2017, we see Ricky in the lead role of Shadow Moon on the Starz network show “American Gods”. Ricky’s role is that of Shadow Moon, a former convict who becomes the bodyguard for Mr. Wednesday. The series focuses on Shadow Moon, a convict who only has days left on his three-year prison term but is given an early release date after his wife is murdered. Shadow finds himself next to man named Wednesday who offers him a job. Wednesday seems to be a con artist but he is truly the god Odin making his way across America, rounding up all the old gods who’ve all adapted to new American life to confront the New Gods. This is probably the most in depth role Ricky Whittle has starred in to date but we love it!

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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