[VIDEO/FINAL TRAILER] Wonder Woman (@WonderWomanFilm)-Rise of The Warrior!

wonder woman movie poster

Summer is here and that means blockbuster movies are coming!

Although we will see a ton of superheroes, aliens, monkeys, and monsters, none of them can compare to Wonder Woman!

Yep, as you already know Wonder Woman will be a period piece, set during World War I, detailing the origins of Diana (Gal Gadot), The Amazon Princess, and her introduction to Patriarch’s World (Earth as we know it).  This marks Wonder Woman’s second appearance on The Big Screen, and her first stand alone film. Check out the final trailer below!

This final trailer is EVERYTHING! You really get to see just how bad ass of a warrior she is. She is almost as strong as Superman and on par with Batman in fighting skill, but willing to kill. This makes her one of the more dangerous members of The Justice League (coming this Fall). This trailer really dives into the mythos of Wonder Woman, explaining her origins, her people, The Amazons, and her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

elena anaya as dr. poison in wonder woman movie

Elena Anaya as “Dr. Poison” in Wonder Woman movie

Just as interesting, is one of the film’s villains, Dr. Poison! Dr. Poison is a Nazi spy who specializes in the use of poisons, toxins, and plagues to overcome her adversaries, making her very deadly. We originally heard Ares, god of war, would be the film’s primary villain but there has yet to be any footage of him shown. However, we see in the trailer that she is trying to hold back some massive energy beam. That undoubtedly has to be coming from an immensely powerful source–maybe even a divine one!

ares dc comics wonder woman villain

Ares, god of war

Needless to say Summer 2017 is going to be spectacular and it is all thanks the world’s most iconic super-heroine! What do you guys think of the final trailer and Wonder Woman’s villains for her debut film? Sound off in the comments’ section below, we are dying to hear your thoughts!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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