#FashionCrush- Luka Sabbat (@whoisluka)

Luka Sabbat in the New York Times

the ascent of luka sabbat as one of the most fashionable teens on the internet can only be described as supersonic.

Luka Sabbat

A spirited New Yorker, Luka Sabbat was discovered in SoHo while in route to buy a new video game.  From there the 18 year old has been seen in many different fashion campaigns from Tommy Hilfiger to, most recently, Dolce & Gabbana.  The latter of which he has been a steady presence on their men’s and women’s runway collection. You could say that fashion is in his blood, having been raised by a mother, who formerly worked as a booker for models and a father who designs a womenswear line.  His start came soon after he was signed to ReQuest Model Management, when fashion genius himself, Kanye West picked Luka as one of the models for his Yeezy collection.

Luka Sabbat with his parents

Since then, Sabbat has become a major force in the realm of social media. With his 184,000 instagram followers and over 68,000 twitter followers, many have been mesmorized by his cool kid persona, and his laid back swag.  With friends like Bella Hadid and the Kardashians making sporadic cameos on his social media, its no wonder that many advertisers have looked to Luka Sabbat to promote and front their campaigns.

Luka Sabbat walking for Dolce & Gabbana

If I had to describe the style of Luka Sabbat, I would say think Jimmy Hendrix had the peek of his career been circa now. Often showcasing an impressive array of jewelry such as strands of necklaces and stacks of rings on each finger, it would only seem like a natural fit that Sabbat would collaborate with Italian jewelry designer Monini. The collection of rings bracelets etc., were featured in silver and white gold, with some covered in emeralds and rubies, or otherwise known as a jewelry lover’s dream.

Luka Sabbat collaboration with Monini

The success of Luka Sabbat is solely based on his “boy next door” quality.  The guy that girls ( and gay boys) want and guys want to hang out with.  And who’s to blame them? Sabbat is effortless in his ability to segue from handsome high fashion model to easy going New Yorker, who only wants to play video games.

Written By: Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell

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