Akon (@Akon) wins Lawsuit Against him by Egyptian Singer,Tamer Hosny (@tamerhosny)!


Akon was sued in 2015 by Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny for not delivering Pitbull for his music video which he reportedly paid for.

Akon was accused by Hosny who claimed he paid Akon $300K for both him and Pitbull to sing on his song “Arabian Knight.”

Wait is that the song from Aladdin?…Okay never mind, that’s about Arabian nights. So anyways, according to the lawsuit filed against the singer, he delivered the track but failed to deliver Pitbull as promised for the music video. Tamer claims its Akon’s fault and filed a lawsuit against him. He added that it was double the disaster because he had to pay $100K for cameras and crew the day of the shoot, all for nothing.

Akon sued by Egyptian Singer

Akon has finally won his case after a lawsuit was brought up against him.

However, TheJasmineBrand.com reports that Akon has won the suit against him after a jury in Georgia heard the testimony for both sides (Akon and singer Tamer Hosny) and reached a verdict. The jury came back with a decision in favor of Akon by dismissing all claims against him. The jury added that he was found not to be liable for the $300k in alleged damages by the singer and hereby closed the case.

Back in 2015, Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny sued him accusing him of screwing him out of $300k. He said Akon promised he would deliver Pitbull to be on his new song and appear in his music video.

Akon sued by Egyptian Singer Tamer Hosny

Akon pictured here with Tamer Hosny

Hosny said both the Akon and Pitbull delivered their parts for the track, but when it came time to shoot the video – which he dropped hundreds of thousands on — … Pitbull never showed.  Akon responded, claiming that he wasn’t even paid the full $300k, only receiving $145k. He demanded the lawsuit be tossed. The case had dragged on for close to two years.

That’s one case he does not have to worry about anymore but recent reports have surfaced of another lawsuit against him.

Devyne Stephens is suing Akon

Akon pictured here with Devyne Stephens

Devyne Stephens, a longtime music executive, is suing the singer for $150 million in alleged unpaid fees after he helped to launch the “Soul Survivor” singer’s music career, TMZ reports.

In the lawsuit, the music mogul contends his contract with the singer entitles him to a portion of the income the singer received from tour rights, royalties and record sales, among other things. Overall, he says he should’ve gotten a 40% cut of everything Akon has earned since 2006, according to the celebrity gossip site. But Stephens claims in the lawsuit that he hasn’t seen any of that money that was supposed to be coming to him.

Stephens was the president of Upfront Megatainment when he signed him to a record contract after he lost his previous deal with the Elektra label. Akon has gone on to earn nearly $400 million in roughly a decade, according to the report. Stephens said he and the “I’m So Paid” artist overcame a contract dispute in 2015, but claims he never got the money he’s owed.

There have been no further details pertaining to this matter from the singers Rep.


Although the R&B star has been laying low in the US, he has been quite busy over the years focusing more on helping to launch an academy through his “Akon Lighting Africa” initiative, which will use the power of the sun to hopefully provide 600 million African people with electricity. When asked in a interview last year with Forbes why he had been laying low from performing, he stated, “I was a little over-saturated,” says the singer. “Everywhere you went, you heard me. Radio, TV, you name it. It got to the point where I just wanted to … experiment more, and do what I always wanted to do: really do a lot more international stuff.”


Akon provides solar energy to Africa

Image result for akon in africa

Hopefully the singer can resolve these matters and continue to help the people of his homeland, because as usual, there will always be some negative mixed into positive actions.



Written By: Tanisha D. Davis

tanisha d. davis







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