Bomade Vodka (@BomadeVodka), a New Summer Staple!

bomade vodka

Summertime is fast approaching and you all know what that means; late night barbecues, chilling poolside and sipping your favorite drink and basking in all things Summer. But what will you be sipping on?

One of America’s favorite summertime drinks is hands down lemonade but what if I told you there’s an adult remix to an old time classic? Bomade Vodka, is the new remix!

Bomade Lemonade Vodka - Drink Responsibly

Bomade Lemonade Vodka – Drink Responsibly

Bomade Vodka is described as a trend-setting, organic fruit-based, low sugar, low calorie, freshly bottled alcoholic beverage. Bomade is a mixture of freshly squeezed organic lemons and distilled vodka with no additives or preservatives and comes in 12 oz, 375 mml, and 750 mml. Like most beverages, Bomade requires refrigeration before and after opening to maintain its freshness.

Bomade Lemonade Vodka – Drink Responsibly

Bomade began from a simple conversation between a husband and wife. Both liked to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, but the selection was almost always the same and they wanted something different. The husband wanted a nice, refreshing taste; something like a glass of lemonade. The wife wanted to be able to drink without worrying about the calories, sugars and preservatives found in most liquors, especially mixed cocktails. Both of them wanted a nice buzz with no hangover the next day. There was nothing out there that fit the description, so they went to work and Bomade was born!

Originally, Bomade was only intended to be served to the couple’s friends when they hosted events at their home. They wanted to provide an alternative for their friends who have the same tastes in alcohol and live similar lifestyles. Living in a health-conscious swim and fitness community, the neighbors loved the organic spin on an alcoholic beverage. The couple then decided to make Bomade a business!

Bomade Lemonade Vodka – Drink Responsibly

Bomade Vodka has now become a part of the young, professional social scene in Atlanta, GA. Everybody who is anybody, and their friends alike, all drink and love BOMADE. The beverage is sampled by request or at special events. Each batch of BOMADE is made fresh to order, beginning with fresh, quality organic lemons. BOMADE is sold by the bottle or by the gallon, depending on your needs.

So tell me, who’s grabbing a bottle this Summer?

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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