#Trending! Louis Vuitton (@LouisVuitton) Shows Us “Heaven On Earth!”

louis vuitton heaven on earth collection

Ask anyone in the fashion industry and they would tell you front row at Louis Vuitton is as hot a ticket as they come.

Louis Vuitton resort 2018Louis Vuitton resort 2018Louis Vuitton resort 2018

Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere is known for whisking his motley crew of fans to destinations far and wide.  For cruise 2018 Ghesquiere didn’t disappoint as he chose to present his collection at the Miho Museum in Koka, Japan.  The museum was designed by Japanese architect I.M. Pei and was intended to evoke Shangri-la or otherwise known as “Heaven on Earth”. The museum was the perfect backdrop for the Louis Vuitton collection which showcased an array of futuristic Japanese inspired looks that fused perfectly with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s signature aesthetic.

Louis Vuitton resort 2018 Louis Vuitton resort 2018Louis Vuitton resort 2018

Structured jackets, which have now become a signature staple for Louis Vuitton thanks to Ghesquiere, didn’t fail to tantalize even the most discerning eye. Whether it was a studded cap-sleeve or in full alligator skin, the jackets looked just as classic with tapered shorts as they did with black, green, or even printed pants. Louis Vuitton’s bread and butter, which is to say the headliner of this Vuitton spectacle were featured with an assortment of different works of art from Japanese artist Kansai Yamamoto. The inspiration of his art were most identifiable in a series of sequined dresses which displayed a Kabuki-esque picture across the front.

Louis Vuitton resort 2018Louis Vuitton resort 2018Louis Vuitton resort 2018

Ghesquiere was all smiles as he made his triumphant walk for the finale.  When you think of a production of this magnitude, one could only imagine how much time and effort plus blood. sweat. and tears that actually went into this.  With all that distraction it’s admirable that Nicolas Ghesquiere is able to constantly produce awe-inducing collections.  Much like he did with Balenciaga, Ghesquiere challenged the world to look at fashion from different perspectives. Hopefully as new young talent make their way to the tents for fashion week they will look to Ghesquiere as a true fashion innovator.

Written By: Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell


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