It’s Happening! Ice Cube (@icecube) Confirms New “Friday” Movie!

ice cube
JANUARY 12, 2007, ENTERTAINMENT AMY O'BRIAN, Rapper Ice Cube, who's playing the Pacific Coliseum Saturday with Snoop Dogg. (Photo: handout) [PNG Merlin Archive]

There are a few movies that make us laugh like none other, but very few franchises that keep the laughs coming consistently. Ice Cube’s Friday movies are definitely a few of them.

For this many and more we are so happy that Ice Cube has confirmed there will be a fourth installment in the Friday movie franchise!

ice cube

via Love B. Scott

We can officially put all of the speculation to rest.

A month after John Witherspoon said that another ‘Friday’ movie was in the works, Ice Cube himself has come through with the confirmation.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Ice Cube announced the fourth installment is in development..

“We’re working on one right now,” Cube said. “We’re gonna call it Last Friday.”

friday movie poster

As you may recall, the first movie was released in 1995, followed by Next Friday in 2000, and Friday After Next in 2002. It is hard to believe it has been 15 years since the last film. It really is true when they say time flies! We are just wondering who will appear in Last Friday and what the plot will be. All of our favorites are definitely older, and most likely crazier. We definitely hope to see characters like Money Mike, Deebo, Damon, Uncle Elroy, Willie Jones, Pinky, and Mrs. Pearly back in the mix. Above all though, Chris Tucker needs to return as “Smokey.” That is the role that put him on the map. We understand he is “elevated” now, but perhaps they could augment Smokey’s character to someone agreeable to who Chris is currently. After all it’s been 22 years, he has bound to have changed!

What do you guy think? Can Ice Cube and John Singleton pull off another Friday movie? We sure hope so. Heck, if sitcoms can get sequels and reboots then classic films should too! We will keep you posted as details arise!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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  1. For last Friday they need to have Nia Long, Lisa Rodriguez and K.D Aubret see what choice Craig decide to make if he goes with any of them!!!!! And of course Craig, Smokey a d Day-Day getting into some serious​ mess!!!

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