#Trending! “RompHims!” Rompers for Men Are In!

denim male romper

The internet has been popping all day thanks to the latest, and controversial, addition to men’s fashion, RompHims.

RompHims, or rompers for men, have debuted and it looks like nothing will ever be the same again.

Yes, perhaps we are being a bit melodramatic, but this is one piece of clothing we never saw becoming unisex. Whether you like them or not, currently they are the biggest summer fashion trend for man and the only look making any waves in the media.

romphim male rompers

Honestly, when we first heard of the new fashion trend we were skeptical, but are now wholeheartedly behind it. The colors, styles, and designs these new outfits come in are really quite extraordinary. More importantly they have been reshaped, resized, and given masculine appeal. In our opinion, they look amazing. Check out a few more looks below.

black romper romphim

Before they were rompers they were simply jumpsuits, you know those one piece outfits women everywhere made popular. However, thanks to ACED Designs, creators of “The Original RompHim,” it has blown into a social media phenomenon. People are asking would anyone even date a guy who wears a RompHim. Reactions have been mixed as both men and women on opposites sides of fashion, race, sexual orientation, and even class seem split over affirming this new trend as masculine, or “real man” worthy. Honestly, if people were calling these jumpsuits instead of rompers we doubt there would be an issue.

Either way if you would like to purchase your own rompers here in Atlanta be sure to catch them at Lenox Mall’s Guess or Zara stores, both have them in ample supply. We, however, are down with the denim designs! What are your thoughts though ladies and fellas? How do you feel about rompers for men? Sound off in the comments’ section below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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