[VIDEO] Web Star & Dream Boy! Desmond Fletcher (@Solostart247) Keeps It Real!

desmond fletcher

About Him: Freshman Year continues to make waves with new, riveting content as we now follow Damien (Brandon Karson) and Kendall (Rahim Brazil) into college. Thus far the series has granted us some very funny moments and some so hot you will sweat like you are in a sauna! Still  there is much more to this popular series than just Damien and Kendall.

Hearts are swooning and lips are licking all thanks to one popular web star, Desmond Fletcher!

about him freshman year

The cast of “About Him freshman year (l-r) Rocc, Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, and Desmond Fletcher

Desmond, as you may already know, is one of the most versatile and recognized web stars currently thanks to his appearance in a number of series. We first saw him on Tyson Anthony’s Pharm: The Series as a drug dealing escort, then Raising Eli as an aspiring actor with no real  motivation, and now as a church boy coming to terms with his sexuality in About Him: Freshman Year.

Naturally we had to snag an interview with Mr. Fletcher and find out his take on what it means to be a web star, actor, and bisexual man in entertainment industry.

about him freshman year kendall and tristan

Check out his interview below:

Desmond definitely kept it real in his interview and we love him for it. Off camera Desmond admitted he has dreams of modeling in high fashion and is planning to move to a fashion capital like New York or Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. We are definitely here for any diversity to the fashion world. Based on his work ethic and appeal, we wish nothing but the best for him and we cannot wait to see where he lands.

Be sure you catch Desmond in all of his hit web series and follow him on IG @beastwithin3 and Twitter @Solostart247! Happy viewing!

Interviewed and Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Videography By: Rahim Brazil

***Special Thanks to WTTRadio***

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