#FashionCrush – Bella Hadid (@bellahadid)

Bella Hadid at a Dior e

As daring as she is beautiful, Bella Hadid is one of the more fashion forward supermodels around.

Bella Hadid

Bella can easily be described as the exact opposite of her blonde, bubbly sister GiGi. With her dark hair and a piercing blue gaze, Bella exudes a sexy, sultry aura that can’t be rivaled by any other.  Since signing with IMG Models in 2014, her career has gradually blossomed and exploded all coming to a head in 2016 when the 20 year old was voted model of the year by Models.com.  Just one of many awards Hadid earned as she is highly ranked on numerous model lists as well as men’s magazines.

Bella Hadid for Dior

More recently Bella Hadid was chosen to be the face for Dior’s makeup line.  Among such company as Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron, her position as muse to such a prestigious house keeps her front and center on red carpets from the Met Gala to the Cannes Film Festival. Wherever she goes passersby and photographers are mesmerized by the gorgeous raven-haired beauty.  Almost always in black, her style is the antithesis of today’s time where maximal-ism is reigning supreme as everyone’s go to style choice. When walking the red carpet, Bella Hadid can slip into any piece of haute couture all while still keeping her cool girl charm.

Bella Hadid walking in New York

The fashion world took notice of her keen fashion sense when LA based fashion house, Chrome Hearts tapped Hadid to design a 40 piece collection which they debuted in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. The edgy yet fun collection had tongues wagging with every piece from the leather caps with sterling silver piping to the cashmere cardigans with pink fur and those always in fashion leather mini skirts.

Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts Though it’s only been three years since Bella Hadid was signed she has skyrocketed and remained at the top of the fashion world. Having already before the age of 21, there can only be bright lights ahead.

Written by Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell


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