The Return of “Silverstone?” Rumored Disney Channel (@DisneyChannel) Reboot in The Works?

Disney Channel seems to finally realize what other networks have–reboots are in! Although this realization seems to have come too late to save Girls Meet World, it has not stopped That’s So Raven from getting a reboot with Raven’s House.

Interestingly a new rumored reboot seems to be in the works as the rumor mill is churning, alleging a reboot of The Famous Jett Jackson called Silverstone is in the works!

lee thompson young

Lee Thompson Young

As many of you may recall, The Famous Jett Jackson, starred the late actor Lee Thompson Young, as “Jett Jackson,” a teen actor who struggled to balance his role as a famous TV character/action hero, “Silverstone,” and his own personal life. The series ran for three seasons and was met with rave reviews, before ending with a Disney Channel Original Movie. The reboot allegedly will not focus on Jett’s personal life with his friends and family, but solely focus on Silverstone’s exploits as he saves the world from all types of super spies, villains, and terrorists. There have been no rumors on who will be cast as Silverstone, or if Hawk or Artemus’s characters will appear this time around.

the famous jett jackson movie poster

This reboot news more than warms our hearts! We were huge fans of The Famous Jett Jackson growing up, and Lee Thompson Young is our original “Celebrity Crush.” Sadly, we imagine they will not focus of Jett Jackson’s personal life on this series due to Lee’s suicide. It may be too much for some original fans to handle. We definitely miss Lee everyday and we wish nothing, but the best for his family and friends. That, however, will not stop us from hoping Disney will come through with this reboot. Zendaya’s Casey Undercover is “cute,” but it cannot hold a candle in the wind to Silverstone.

We will keep you posted as more info becomes available, in the meantime check out the first episode of the original series below. Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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