[VIDEO] Yesss! Wonder Woman Movie (@WonderWomanFilm) Receives 96% From Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes)!

wonder woman power movie poster
wonder woman power movie poster

Marvel Entertainment eat your heart out!

Warner Bros./DC Comics films have just received their highest rating yet from Rotten Tomatoes all thanks to the new Wonder Woman movie!

The highly anticipated superhero film has received an amazing, and surprising, 96% from the film critic site which is highly coveted!

As you may recall most of the DC superhero films have been met with lackluster reviews from the critics. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice received 63%, and Suicide Squad received 62%, despite mass fan approval and controversy. It looks like Warner Bros. finally got it together behind the scenes and are delivering some serious storytelling when it comes to The Amazon Princess. This means we are going to see a lot more female superheroes on the Big Screen and makes this film the highest rated female-led superhero to date!

via Rotten Tomatoes

wonder woman courage movie poster

In a time when superheros and cinematic universes feel the need to be dark, edgy and emo, it was about time that someone came along to shake things up. Wonder Woman proudly holds its head up high, as Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins lead the first ever female lead superhero tale in spectacular fashion. Working as an origin story without the need to connect to the greater DCEU, whilst still adhering to the typical third act CGI spectacle requirements, the film succeeds in being a tale of discovery, love and honor, pumped full of exhilarating action and earnest laughs. Unlike previous DC films which revel in the dark and gloomy moods of it’s troubled male protagonists, Wonder Woman comes alive through Gadot’s performance, bringing a wealth of charisma and optimism to a franchise generally quite devoid of it. Let’s hope she can keep this energy up for when Justice League swings into theaters in the fall.

-Caius Chung

We are more than happy to hear how good Wonder Woman is and thanks to a few friends at Allied Integrated Marketing (you guys rock!) We will be seeing it for ourselves tonight in Atlanta at Atlantic Station’s Regal Cinema 16! You now have NO EXCUSE not to see the film! Happy viewing!

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