The Renaissance Meets Florence at Gucci (@gucci)!

gucci resort 2018

Not since those iconic Tom Ford years has the cult following of Gucci been so vastly favored.

Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018

With their more than 15 million Instagram followers and $4.5 billion in sales of their covetable handbags, the Gucci revolution has reached every coast from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia. Since taking over the prestigious house, Alessandro Michele has single-handedly revitalized the house making Gucci one of the highest searched fashion shows every season. For resort 2018 Michele took from different eras to create a masterpiece of prints and gilded headpieces, which will surely become a hit in the coming months. The Palatine Gallery of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy meshed well with the retro style collection. A poncho trimmed in fur and covered in the Gucci monogram and a “windowpane” stitched dress with “Guccy” embroidered in pearl accents were reminiscent of the renaissance era and could easily fir right in during the days of King Henry VII.

Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018

Other looks were emblematic of the swinging 60’s. Wild, vivacious prints graced everything from skirts, headscarves, bags and blazers. One could argue that Alessandro Michele, by way of Gucci, has been influential with restarting the “logomania” phenomenon that has been all over every runway from Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior. The iconic Gucci monogram could be seen on everything to track pants, top coats, even on tights which featured the monogram in glitter.

Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018

Now the norm for Gucci, men’s looks were featured as well.  The colorful prints continued on the men’s attired having covered everything from short shorts, short-sleeved button ups and t-shirts. The 70’s style suits, which have become a favorite among fashion editor’s far and wide, were loud and proud in an array of exuberant prints and colors with impeccable tailoring.

Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018Gucci resort 2018

Once again, Alessandro Michele has proven that he is capable of carrying the Gucci torch. Time and time again he sets trends, easily making him one of the most influential designers of his time.

Written By: Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell


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