[VIDEO] HOT Summer! Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Releases New Web Series, “Ellenwood!”

tyson anthony's ellenwood

Tyson Anthony continues to push the envelope with his steamy and amazing web series! We were enamored with  Pharm: The Series, fell for Entercourse, found ourselves in About Him: Freshman Year, and were moved by Raising Eli. 

Now the magic continues with a new web series from Tyson himself, Ellenwood!

tyson anthony's ellenwood

Based off the book of the same name, the series is another LGBT drama that promises to entertain and medicate, all while providing the visual pleasure we need from a hot summer drama! Check out the teaser trailer below:

New Project in the Projects www.EllenwoodTV.com #tv #mustwatch

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via Press Release

Rockwell has been dealt a challenging hand; he’s black, gay, and hood born and raised.

Rockwell is the son of a brutish cop, the pride and joy of a social media savvy mother-in-charge, and the younger brother of the brawny and brainy James. The brother’s bond is the epicenter of each other’s lives; no secrets between them. But all families have secrets, right?

Out in the streets, we meet a fresh out of jail Sinclair whose mystery is just as luring as his obsession with Rockwell. Sinclair takes us on a trip that will have us questioning reality all while doing his best to show Rockwell why two boys who barely made it out of remedial math are made for each other.

tyson anthony's ellenwood tv

We cannot wait to see what this series will entail! However, we cannot help but wonder where the name of the book and web series came from, as we know Ellenwood to be a suburban city on the eastern outskirts of Metro Atlanta. Still, if the teaser trailer is any indicator we are in for quite a story. We have to say these new guys are hot and there is always something riveting and exciting about fresh meat–we mean fresh faces. What do you guys think of Tyson’s new series? Will you be watching? Sound off below and subscribe by clicking here.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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