[RECAP] Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta: Brandon & Reginae Fight & Bow Wow Moves

‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’  gets absolutely crazy on the second episode! We finally get a deeper look into Bow Wow and Joie’s relationship, and, Brandon and Reginae’s explosive fight creates waves in the ATL that eventually involves their parents!

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta RECAP of Episode 2

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta premiered last week (May 25) and we left off on, Bow Wow‘s mix tape party heating up. Some unwanted guests showed up, aka his old friends turned enemies, and things were about to go down!

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

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Now on the June 1 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, things got even crazier. Before things got out of hand, Bow Wow had the unwanted guests escorted out of the club. When it came down to it, he had to think about his daughter back home. The incident at the club really made him question moving to the ATL.

Although Bow didn’t talk too much about the beef with his old friends, it sounded like he and his friends had a falling out because of his success in the industry.

After the mix tape party, Bow traveled back to LA, with flowers for the mother of his child, Joie. Remember, on the premiere, Bow said that he thought she was “the one,” so he was going to try and bring his family back together. But, when Bow walked in, Joie was not expecting it. He said he was done with his player ways, but she kept her guard up. Joie said that Bow embarrassed her with an Instagram post of him in the ATL with a bunch of girls; aka, the hotel party that went down during the premiere where he and a bunch of females were on the bed. Hmmm.

In the end, Joie told him not to come to her house unannounced unless he was going to be with her, because their daughter was starting to question their relationship and its future. Bow didn’t put up an argument. In fact, he admitted he had to work on himself.

But, Bow Wow then decided to go back to the ATL for 3-4 months to record his album with JD and Da Brat. He said that it was all to provide money for his family. When he broke the news to Joie [just one day before he left], she broke down in tears. She said that she felt like a single parent because he’s always out or working. Bow just told her that he couldn’t stop doing what he does.

Meanwhile in other drama news…..

Reginae and Zonnique finally met up after their fathers fought on social media and Reginae entangled herself into the drama. And, remember, on last week’s episode, Reginae and Zonnique made an agreement not to involve themselves. The longtime friends basically squashed everything, with Zonnique being understanding that Reginae had to stick up for her family.

But all hell broke loose at Zonnique’s last minute photoshoot [that Brandon got pissed about because she didn’t tell him]. Oh and Ayana is now her new stylist since she quit her job at the boutique. When Reginae showed up at the photoshoot, Brandon made a comment that she should go worry about the Black Lives Matter Movement instead of putting in her two cents about Zonnique’s outfit. Basically, Reginae thought Zonnique’s revealing outfit was “cute” and Brandon thought it was too sexy. Reginae continued to make comments and Brandon got fed up. And, the two went at it! As soon as Brandon brought up Reginae’s father, Lil Wayne, she went nuts. Of course by now we know how Reginae feels about her father.

We are so ready for next week’s episode on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, when Toya, Miss Deb, and Tiny discuss what happened at the photoshoot!

On Wednesday I spoke with three of the cast members from the show to gain some insight about what life is really like growing up with parents that are big names in the industry and also found out how well they all have been getting along on the show!

Check out the recent interview with me on Starrdom100 Radio with the cast HERE!

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Brandon Barnes| Shaniah Mauldin| Ayana Fite| Reginae Carter| Zonnique Pullins

& Bow Wow.

Written By: Tanisha D. Davis

tanisha d. davis


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