[VIDEO] “It Comes At Night” (@ItComesAtNight) Leaves You In The Dark…And Wondering…

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Suspense and horror films usually make for a pretty awesome night. Especially when you combine it with a hot date!

However, some movies need a bit more backstory and resolution than others. Writer/director Trey Edward Shults’ It Comes At Night is definitely one of those films.

it comes at night

The film is set in what appears to be a world being ravaged by a pandemic that infects humans and animals alike. It centers on an interracial family consisting of a man, his wife, and son who have managed to survive in the mountains by sticking to a strict domestic routine, rationing their food, purifying their water, and never going out alone at night. Their haven is threatened, however, when a young family arrives seeking sanctuary. Herein lies a tale of suspense as issues of trust, family, love, and survival show the best and absolute worst of humanity when it comes to surviving what may very well be the end of the world.

it comes at night

The acting in this film was superb, but honestly we expect no less from Joel Edgerton (Loving, 2016). He is truly the most relatable character in the film as he must make some tough choices when it comes to his family and their survival. However, the film suffers in its lack of a real backstory. Also, the virus is treated like a monster or something supernatural.  Here are our questions though. Where did this virus come from? What is the real story of this young family? Is there a cure? These are all things we would have liked to see in the film. Instead, it ended as strangely and irresolute as much of its story line.

it comes at night

Had the questions above been answered this might have made a pretty decent horror film. Still, we will let you be the judge. You can catch It Comes In The Dark in theaters everywhere today.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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