Prayers for Frankie! Keyshia Cole (@KeyshiaCole) Fears Losing Her Mother to The Streets Again…

keyshia cole

It is no secret we love Keyshia Cole and her family. For years now we have watched the triumphs and failures of her family thanks to multiple reality television shows, and most recently her sister, Neffe’s appearance on Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life. When it comes to this family, however, as Iyanla stated, “dysfunction has been normalized.”

keyshia cole and frankie lons

Keyshia Cole and her birth mother, Frankie Lons

This seems to be the case with Keyshia’s birth mother, Frankie Lons, as the singer fears losing her mother to the streets again.

She recently tweeted out a few sad statements:

We are definitely praying for Frankie. As you know, she has dealt with substance abuse nearly her entire life. Over the years it has not caused her to be incarcerated, but to abandon all seven of her children. Although she has been able to reunite with most of them (Keyshia, Neffe, Sam, and Elite) it has been a very rocky road for the entire family.

Substance abuse is a very serious issue and if you are someone you know is dealing with this please get help somewhere. Below are a few links to organizations that can help you or your loved ones. Be blessed minions!

Written By : Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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