6/6/2017- “A Real Greenleaf Sitch”

greenleaf season 2

Hey Mikey,

My family is in some serious turmoil right now. My brother definitely does not want to be a pastor and neither do I. There is just one problem, we come from a long line of  pastors and bishops, five generations to be exact. Neither of us have told my parents about our decision even though they have spent all this money over the years for degrees in theology and seminary school. How do we break the news to them? I just know this is going to break their hearts…

-Don’t Mean To Disappoint

Merle Dandridge as “Grace Greenleaf”

***Don’t Mean To Disappoint, this sounds very Grace and Jacob Greenleaf. (I hope your mother isn’t Lady Mae!) Sorry man it is too late for that. Naturally, your parents are going to be disappointed. That is quite a tradition to break, but traditions are broken everyday. Also, being a pastor is not a tradition, from my understanding and teaching it is a higher calling and not just something you do because you are next in line in the family to do it. Sorry, but we are not talking royalty here, but even then they too get to choose whether they wish to ascend to or abdicate the throne. You and your brother are grown men. Go to your parents and express how you feel while simultaneously apologizing for the thousands of dollars they spent on an education you might not use. It’s time to be brave !

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Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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