[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Yikes! Kansas City Chiefs’ Charcandrick West’s Sex Vid & Eggplant Leaked!

charcandrick west

Surprisingly, it has been awhile since a celebrity or athlete has had any type of nudes leaked, let alone a video of them having sex.

Well recently Kansas City Chiefs’ Charcandrick West has had both his eggplant and a video of him having sex leaked!

charcandrick west

As you may already know Charcandrick is a running back on the Chiefs and is a relatively young player at 26 years old. There is not much information about him other than his NFL and college football stats on the net. Well now it looks like he is known for something a little more thick and thrusting!

You can catch Charcandrick’s eggplant and sex video on the next page!

charcandrick west

via Lovewalter.com

Charcandrick West plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t exactly know what that mean. I don’t follow sports. My expertise is sex. But seeing men in tight uniforms titillates my tight end. 

So, when a hot athlete’s nude photos or sex tapes are leaked, I’m here for all of it. Check out his dick pic. It’s chocolatey and thick. Take note of his star tattoo. For the guys who want to keep their sex lives secret, don’t record or showcase your tattoos. 
Apparently, he likes it raw from white girls. Take a look below:

charcandrick west dick penis eggplant nude

charcandrick west dick penis eggplant nude

Pictures via Fameolous’ Tumblr

We have to admit these pictures have us a little flustered–but in a good way. You can click here to see a clip of his sex video, http://scandalousdeliciousness.tumblr.com/post/155547503626/fameolous-charcandrick-west-is-an-american?ref_url=http://popglitz.com/touchdown-footballer-charcandrick-wests-nude-photos-sextape-clip-leak/.

All we can really say is that these celebs and athletes have got to learn to wrap it up! Raw dogging in 2017 is not only unsafe, but can cost you some serious money when it comes to child support. Also, anything recorded is subject to be leaked. Even when you are semi-famous like, Charcandrick, it can only make you click bait and scandalous!


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