#CelebrityCrush- Kadiff Kirwan (@kadiffkirwan)

kadiff kirwan

Good Morning beautiful people! I’ve missed you all this weekend and I honestly couldn’t wait for Monday to come. I know right, “things you never hear on a Monday morning” but trust me, my excitement is for good reason. Have you guys heard of the brand new hit show on Netflix called “Chewing Gum”?

If you have you’re in for eye candy and if you haven’t you can still get a sugar rush because actor Kadiff Kirwan is our Bae for today!

Actor Kadiff Kirwan

Actor Kadiff Kirwan

Kadiff Kirwan is an actor known for his roles in “Chewing Gum“, “Black Mirror” and “Crims”. On the show Chewing Gum he plays the super sensitive and always positive Aaron. While his character is very much in tune with his sensitive side, we like to think Kadiff shares some of the same qualities (just not as much). And if you watched at least one episode of Chewing Gum then surely you have taken notice of his physique. Nice broad shoulders, muscular built, smooth chiseled facial features, a million dollar smile that can change my mood in an instant and the ever so sexy accent that most women go crazy for. Who doesn’t love a Brit boy!

From what we can tell, Kadiff Kirwan is a dedicated actor who will stop at nothing to perfect his characters. I love watching Aaron make mistakes and then fumbling over himself to make it right. Its also really refreshing to see a Black man on the big screen spreading such positivity yet not being preachy about it.

Headshot of Actor Kadiff Kirwan

Kadiff really knows how to bring his character to life and I look forward to the new season of Chewing Gum as well as any other projects Kadiff Kirwan might be attached to. I think his presence on screen will be grand and I can’t wait for it! Kadiff, you stole our hearts and today, you’ve got us crushing.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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