Celebrity Crush-Michael J. Pagan (@michaeljpagan)

michael j. pagan

Good Morning beautiful people and Happy Monday! I’ve honestly missed you all; I feel like it’s been longer than a week since our last #BaeDay but I know that’s not the case, you guys would never let me skip a Monday (and I love you all for that). So in true #CelebrityCrush fashion, I bring you all another Hollywood heartthrob we’ve all probably had a little puppy love type crush for once upon a time.

Actor Michael J. Pagan is this week’s Celebrity Crush.

A film still from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" Featuring Michael J. Pagan, Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs

A film still from “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”
Featuring Michael J. Pagan, Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs

michael j. pagan

One of the earliest roles I remember seeing Michael J. Pagan in is that of Angela Basset’s young son Quincy in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Clearly I was too young to be watching that film but being young and precocious I was sneaking peeks and I noticed how cute ‘Stella”s son was. That film was one of Michael J. Pagan’s firsts and he followed that up with roles in “Fallen”, “Killers in the House” and “Up, Up and Away” – an original Disney movie about a young boy who comes from a family of superheros yet does not have any of his own, yet he is called on to save the world. I can remember checking this film out too and I thought the premise was so cool. I wanted some dope superpowers of my own.

Michael J. Pagan

Michael J. Pagan

These days, we haven’t seen much of the child actor as far as TV and film goes but he’s no longer a little boy. He is now a 32-year old man who’s last acting credit online is attributed to the film “Mississippi Damned” which is available on DVD and Netflix. Michael J. Pagan, we sure would love to know what you’ve been up to for the last eight years. Drop us a line sometime, you’ve got fans over here at HeyMikeyATL!sh

Written By: Monique C. Tillman


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