[TRAILER] Stunning! We Are Officially Falling for “Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak!”

 Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak promo

We love seeing new filmmakers on the rise. It is a new day and we at HeyMikeyATL are always looking to highlight amazing talent–especially when it is coming straight out of Atlanta!

Recently we reacquainted ourselves with Davien Harlis, an amazing actor and now an equally talented director set to release his first film, Red Carpet Hashtags & Heartbreak!

via Press Release

Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak is a dramedy that ventures into the life of the character Dylan Smith (Davien
Harlis) After becoming America’s heartthrob, at the height of his career, Dylan is accused of a crime by a scorned
lover that he assures the world he is completely innocent of. When social media gets word of Dylan’s crime his life is
immediately changed. Morgan (Jody Fulton) and Tori (Markell Williams), Dylan’s best friends, immediately run to his
rescue and begin to pick up the pieces. With Dylan out of the way and his throne up for grabs, Marcus enters in and
takes over. It’s not long before familiar ways, betrayal and jealousy catches up with him and he finds himself back to
the drawing board. With everyone fighting for the same fame who wins the award?

 Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak cast

We have seen a few of the trailers for this film and we have to see our interest is more than piqued! All too often indie projects lack cohesion, coherency, or most importantly actors with the chops to pull off, scenes or directors with a vision. Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak is not lacking in any of these essentials. Many times when directors are in front of and behind the camera, the film tends to suffer. This definitely does not seem it will be the case in this scenario. From the casting (We heart Thomas Mackey), down to the cinematography, we get the sense he knows very well what he is doing. If the trailers alone are this great, then we definitely cannot wait to see the entire film!

 Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak flyer

 Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak will be debuting in Atlanta on July 26th & 27th! Don’t worry we will keep you posted AND snag some interviews!


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