#FashionCrush- Michael Lockley (@michaellockleyy)

Michael Lockley

The self proclaimed ‘Golden Child’ Michael Lockley is a breath of fresh air to the fashion world.

It’s often hard as a young African American boy to find others like yourself to look up to, especially in the realm of fashion.  That source of inspiration has manifested itself in the ultra fabulous Michael Lockley. Standing at 6’2 and rocking his signature blonde afro, it’s hard to miss the 19 year old on the the hottest runways.

Michael Lockley

Hailing from Brooklyn, Lockley’s personal style is one to be envied. His glam style is reminiscent of Prince or even David Bowie. With his slim frame, it’s easy for him to pull off skin tight jeans, chelsea boots and usually a statement making coat. Lockley looks so good in his clothes, he even makes t-shirts and shorts look as if a world famous stylist put it together.

Michael Lockley

A favorite amongst the street style world, you can expect to see Michael Lockley on any and every fashion blog. His appeal seems to be his willingness to experiment with different looks. Never afraid to turn up the glam or even wear things that may not have been intended for men, his style surpasses gender specificity.  Of course, when you consider the fact that he is in the fashion industry, it would be less than smart for a young man to not learn something when it comes to fashion, or more importantly how it’s styled.

Michael Lockley

It’s easy to look at Michael Lockley and feel as if you have to be tall and skinny to look as good as him. What should be taken away from his inspiration is that the beauty is in the styling. Anyone can put on clothes, however to look as if you’ve just come from a photoshoot for GQ is a talent in itself. For Michael Lockley, one thing that is certain is if modelling doesn’t work out, there is always a future in fashion editing.

Written by Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell


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