#Fashion Crush- Rihanna (@rihanna)

Rihanna at the Valerian premiere

It almost seems unfair to the other people in the entertainment industry to make Rihanna this week’s fashion crush.

After 10 years in the public eye, Rihanna has aquired an array of amazing red carpet and street fashion looks. So many, in fact, that designers are clammering to work with her on special collaborative collections. All in order to get that ‘Rihanna’ influence so fans will flock to their stores.

Her collaborations with such designers as Manolo Blahnik and Puma and even a jewelry collection with French jeweler Chopard have been commercially successful all thanks to the barbadian beauty. After all this time it seems that Rihanna has pretty much always been a style star. When looking back to 2005, when her career was in it’s infancy, Rihanna’s style was majorly influenced by her Caribbean roots. Most of her performances were done barefoot.

Cut to 2007 when Good Girl Gone Bad swept the nation. It seems that Rihanna’s style seemed to change from that ‘Good Girl’  mentality as well. We started to see her favor a more high fashion look. Rihanna’s street style was being imitated by every girl looking to spice up her wardrobe. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see Rihanna on many style boards. Every red carpet waits in anticipation for Rihanna’s arrival, which is probably why the singer often chooses to be the very last to show up.

The influence of Rihanna as fashion muse to the world’s top designers has been iconic to say the least. For a black woman to command such attention in the fashion world can only be described as historic. Rihanna has fronted campaigns for Balmain and has been a muse for the house of Dior for the past few years. With a burgeoning acting career and designer friends in her bag, Rihanna is trending to become the next Audrey Hepburn.

Written by Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell


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