[VIDEO] In Case You Missed! New Video–A Sex Tape–Emerges of Maia Campbell!

maia campbell

July has not been the month for former actress, Maia Campbell. Just last week a video was posted by minor Atlanta rapper, T-Hood of Maia begging for drugs. Check it out below!

Naturally, fans of her former show In The House, including her former co-star and rapper/actor, LL Cool J, were appalled and begged her to get help.

Well we are not sure if she sought the help LL was advising, but we do know a sex tape has emerged and it shows Maia Campbell “taking” something other than drugs. By that other we mean penis–YES.

maia campbell and iyanla vanzant

Click here to see the full video. (GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

We are not sure who the guy in the video is with her, but obviously she had no qualms about being filmed. It seems like she thoroughly enjoyed herself too. As interesting as this sex tape is we really hate to see what Maia has become. Growing up, most of us had a crush on her as Tiffany on In The House. We remember her episode on Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life and as silly as it is we hoped she had turned her life around. We will still keep hoping…

What do you guys think of Maia Campbell and these videos? Comment below!

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