In Case You Missed It! Flash Movie Will Be Based on “Flashpoint” Storyline!

The DC Cinematic Universe is expanding–and rapidly! Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have already appeared on The Big Screen, then came villains and anti-heroes of the Suicide Squad, and later this year the Justice League join the fray bringing on Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg.

We definitely love all of these superheroes, but we are stoked at the latest news surrounding The Flash’s stand alone film–Flashpoint!

justice league flashpoint

Flashpoint, if you did not already know, is an event that took place when The Flash, Barry Allen, used his powers to travel back into time and save his mother’s life. This act changed the world completely resulting in Bruce Wayne’s being killed by Joe Chill and his parents becoming Batman and The Joker, respectively, Wonder Woman and Aquaman nearly destroy the world when Themyscira and Atlantis go to war with one another, Cyborg becomes the world’s greatest superhero, and Superman’s rocket is taken by the US government.

flashpoint batman kills zoom in flashpoint

This would be an epic move for the DC Cinematic Universe as there were a lot of heroes involved in this event. Besides variations of the superheroes and villains we have already seen, we might get to see a few new ones like Shazam (Captain Marvel) and The Demon (Etrigan). It is rumored that this may very well be how Ben Affleck’s Batman is phased out. As you know there have been rumors he is trying to get out of his role as The Dark Knight. He definitely didn’t deny them at San Diego Comic-Con last night.

We are totally here for this storyline and are hoping Warner Bros. and DC do it the justice it deserves. The superheroes and villains of The DC Comics are some of the most iconic on the planet and thanks to Wonder Woman’s success has really gained momentum.

What do you guys think of the Flash’s storyline? Sound off below in the comments section!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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