YIKES! Chris Massey (@ChrisMasseyTMB) Alleges Shar Jackson (@SharJackson) Is Abusing His Daughter

Actors Chris Massey and Shar Jackson

The former “Zoey 101” actor, Chris Massey, hasn’t been seen much these days.

A few years back Chris and his brother Kyle Massey alleged that they were beat up and robbed by rapper Lil Twist and his crew. Other than that, Chris has laid low. Now, the former child actor is making headlines because he is experiencing some baby mama drama.

Courtesy: Google Images

Chris has apparently hooked up with Shar Jackson’s daughter, Cassalei Jackson. (If you don’t remember Shar Jackson, think “Moesha” and Kevin Federline’s baby momma). Chris and Cassalei have a two-year-old daughter together. According to Chris, Shar, who is the grandmother, is too harsh with his daughter and allegedly hits her. Chris stated that once Shar left a gash on his daughter’s face, and now he is petitioning the court for a restraining order against Shar.

Baby Momma Drama

According to TMZ,

“Massey requested and was granted a temporary restraining order last week against Shar — the mother of his baby mama, Cassalei Jackson. According to the docs, Chris dropped off his daughter in May to hang with mom and grandma for a few weeks. When he picked her up … Massey says, in the docs obtained by TMZ, she had a 4-inch “razor cut” across her forehead. He says his daughter, Mariah, blamed grandma Shar. Chris says he confronted Shar … but she said she intended to “do whatever she wants.”

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A judge granted Chris’ request, ordering Shar stay at least 50 yards away from the kid. Shar’s rep tells us, “Shar categorically denies all of this nonsense, as it it completely fabricated and from the mouth of a very troubled individual. Period.”

This situation is ironic considering Chris had been arrested last year for domestic violence against Cassalei.

Courtesy: Google Images

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think the cut on the baby’s face could have been an accident? Is it a possibility that Shar became a little too aggressive? Do you feel parents/grandparents have a right to spank their children? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

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