[VIDEO/REVIEW] “Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreaks”–The Ingredients for Atlanta’s Newest Indie Hit!

 Red Carpet, Hashtags & Heartbreak promo

The Atlanta film scene is poppin’ if you have not heard. Currently the city reigns in billions of dollars from the television series and movies alone.

You would think this only applies to mainstream success, but there are a few indie films that have garnered quite the buzz all over the net and last night we were amazed and privileged to see one, Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreaks!

Davien Harlis at movie premiere of Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreak

Davien Harlis at movie premiere of Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreak

Directed, co-written, and starring, Davien Harlis; the film centers on Dylan Smith, a leading actor and beloved star by his fans and friends. Dylan seems to have it all–except romance–something he is not too keen of and actually seems to avoid. His “sexcapades” with Courtney (Denerick Lindsey; he has us curious about peanut butter) result in a scandal so big and unforeseen it almost costs him his career. Just when all seems lost, Dylan meets Instagram star, Marcus (Thomas Mackey), who has his own plans and ideas about love and what it means to be with THE Dylan Smith.

Scandal, betrayal, heartbreak, redemption, and true friendship–all mix and mingle to create the success of the story that is Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreak. You never really know what has transpired or what was sabotaged in the world of celebrity scandals, but based this plot is more than plausible when you know the ins and outs of the blogosphere (We won’t be spilling any tea!) You will absolutely love the plot of the film and each of the characters. More importantly you will be in awe of the creative talent and accomplishments of Davien Harlis. The love, support, and power of the people who came out to support this film was a truly beautiful and harmonious moment. Attendees included web stars, Brandon Karson, Rocc, Chris June, Alex Jante, Martel Star, directors Corey Knott, Lyrik London, Anthony and Brently Bawn, while the Red Carpet was hosted by none other than Rahim Brazil! 

You all just be sure to get in on the action for yourselves tonight when Red Carpet, Hashtags, & Heartbreaks screens for a second time tonight at 7:30 PM EST only at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema theater! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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