Raven-Symone (@ravensymone) is Happy New Series Celebrates Body Types!

Raven Symone’s new series, Raven’s Home, is a certified hit and we love every minute of it!

The series’ star, Raven Symone loves it too, but she loves how the series celebrates different body types just as much.

Raven reveals via JustJaredJr how in the past her weight was an issue on the Raven’s Home’s predecessor, That’s So Raven.

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Raven Symone is so proud of the topics that she and her Raven’s Home co-stars get to address on the show!

The actress said she is especially happy that the Disney Channel series reminds viewers that they are beautiful no matter what their body type.

“During that time [while filming the original That’s So Raven], I would get feedback from peers and work and everybody like, ‘You need to lose weight, you need to lose weight, and blah blah blah,’ ‘It’s not sellable,’ or whatever. And I’m just like, what? I’m so confused,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“Now we are finally able to embrace thicker body types, and I’m like, dang, I wish that was happening when I was on the show,” Raven continued. “I wouldn’t be so hungry.”

“It’s good to know that time evolves and that you can be a part of change even if you have to go through the pain to make sure somebody else has an easier time,” she added. “I understand that now.”

We are glad to hear Disney Channel has evolved and is more accepting of body types now. Raven is a full figured woman and she should be allowed to embrace that. We had no idea when she was on That’s So Raven they were trying to push her to lose weight, but we are not surprised. The entertainment industry is as shallow as ever, but this tidbit of information and inclusion is a step in the right direction!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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