“Blackville!” Chris June & Rico Pruitt to Star in New Bawn TV (@BawnTV) Project!

chris june and rico pruitt nude blackville

The number of Web Series continues to BOOM! It is hard to believe that just over a year ago About Him started what would become one of the fastest growing genres in entertainment today. Bawn TV continues to make its stake in the genre with newer series like Cheetah In August, About Him: Freshman Year, and soon, District, starring reality television maven, Tami Roman.

This fall however, things continue to heat up for the network with their latest announced series, Blackville, starring Web Stars, Chris June (About Him season 2: The Revolution, raising eli) and Rico Pruitt (About Him, About Justin, L.I.T.)!

According to a log line from Bawn TV the series centers on the son of a preacher who finds himself in turmoil wrestling with his religious beliefs and upbringing or the freedom of self-expression. The first episode, tentatively titled, “Sermon 1 (Luke 15:11-32: The Prodigal Son) will center on the Blackville family being in shock as their eldest son, “Cameron,” returns home. Meanwhile, the church is trying to remove the Pastor, “Jeffery Blackville,” for misusing church finances. Chris June and Rico Pruitt will play Cameron and Caleb Blackville, respectively.

chris june in kontrol magazine

We have to say we are quite excited to hear about this series! It comes across as Greenleaf meets Saints & Sinners with an LGBT twist! Even more interesting is the juxtaposition of casting Chris and Rico together. These two actors are practically night and day, but both have the appeal and talent to make almost any series worthwhile and entertaining. When we first heard of this series we assumed the two web stars were going to be lovers (what a scene that would have made…) but are happy to see they will be brothers. It definitely makes for a far more interesting dynamic between the two. We wonder which brother will be the one struggling with his sexuality though. Hmmm…

Rico Pruitt

Rico Pruitt

Anthony Bawn definitely seems to have a hit on his hands and we cannot wait to see the subject matter this series will be tackling. After all, when you are talking about the Black Church, sexuality, and family issues you just know a powder keg of drama is about to explode!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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