[VIDEO] Elongated Man to The Rescue! “The Flash” Season 4 Casts Hartley Sawyer (@TheBigHTonight) as Series’ Newest Superhero!

hartley sawyer as elongated man

The CW has made quite the name for itself with his televised universe of DC Comics’ superheroes. First there was Green Arrow, then Flash, followed by Supergirl, then a medley of heroes in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,  and very recently Black Lightning. Between the show there are dozens of superheroes, sidekicks, love interests, super villains, and plot twists.

Well now The Flash  will be getting some super-heroic help thanks to the Elongated Man! Yep, Ralph Dibny, AKA “Elongated Man” is finally making his debut in Central City on the fourth season of the hit series.  The CW has opted to cast Hartley Sawyer (Saving The Human Race) as a recurring character in the role.

hartley sawyer

Elongated Man is a superhero with the ability to stretch his body and limbs like elastic great distances–just think Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic, just not as powerful or as smart. He is however, an amazing detective, someone even Batman respects. Alongside his wife, Sue, he solves crimes and stops villains usually alongside The Flash. With all of the craziness Team Flash has to endure this season with mastermind super villain, The Thinker, we are sure Vibe, Julian, Joe, Iris, Kid Flash, Dr. Wells, and Jesse Quick can use all the help they can get!

elongated man

Ralph Dibny, AKA “Elongated Man”

We are very excited to see Elongated Man added to this upcoming season and just a new hero in general. His wife had better show up too, after all Ralph and Sue are kind of like the Henry Pym and Wasp of the JLA. We recalled the creator of all these series stating his goal is to flood television with superheroes. Well it is working! We love the formula too, The CW has opted to follow Netflix’s suit with bringing light to lesser known heroes.

What do you guys think of this casting decision and the Elongated Man? Check out the trailer for Season 4 and sound off below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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