[VIDEO] A Must See! Kendra Harrison (@KeniUSATF) Breaks 100m Hurdles World Record

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Though Kendra Harrison isn’t going to the Olympics in Rio next month, her name will be going in the history books for breaking the 28-year old 100m hurdles record last night in London.

The Tennessee native shocked the world and herself by beating a world-class field running record—her personal best time—at 12.20 seconds. The record was formerly set by Bulgarian Yordanka Donkova in 1988.


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#CelebrityCrush-Mike Colter

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Happy Monday lovelies!

Start your day off by grabbing your cup of joe, sitting back and seeing which fine Hollywood specimen we’ve set our eyes on this week. Actor Mike Colter, who just landed the role of Luke Cage in the Netflix series of the same name, is our #CelebrityCrush for today and after the jump, you’ll see why this man is more than just eye candy.

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He’s At It AGAIN! Katt Williams (@KatPackAllDay) Arrested For Battery!


Comedian, Katt Williams is known for his crazy antics and quick temper. This year we have learned that the “Little Big Man” can go from zero to a hundred real quick. Just this year, Katt has been accused of getting into rumbles with hecklers, slapping cashiers, and even fighting a teenager. Lately, things have been quiet with the comedian leading us to believe that he has been on his best behavior.


Unfortunately, Katt is in trouble with the law once again. On Sunday, TMZ reported that Katt Williams had been arrested for misdemeanor battery. Police were called to the Sportsmen’s Lodge restaurant located in Sherman Oaks, California. A female employee of the restaurant alleges that she was attacked by Katt Williams.

There have been no details released regarding how the altercation was started, but there have been reports that the woman involved had minor visible injuries. Katt was arrested at the scene and his bond was set at $20,000 dollars. Katt later posted his bail and has since been released.

So what do you think about Katt’s latest arrest? Do you think the comedian needs anger management classes or do you think he is the victim in these situations? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

In Superhero News: Brie Larson (@brielarson) Cast as “Captain Marvel” in Marvel’s (@Marvel) First Female-Led Hero Film!


Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine… they were all cool to watch and everything, but Marvel was definitely missing something; and it’s finally here! Marvel Studio is coming out with their first female-led super hero film!

Saturday night at Comic-Con, Marvel announced that one of their newest super heroes Captain Marvel will be played by none other than Brie Larson. This announcement was accepted with cheers from happy Marvel fans; and Larson has received tons of positive feedback and congratulations on her new role.

Brie has had outstanding performances in her previous roles and has proven to be dynamic with each of them from her hilarious acting in 21 Jump Street and Trainwreck to her more serious roles in Room and Short Term 12. We have no doubt that she is going to kill it as Captain Marvel.

Brie’s character, Carol Danvers a.k.a ‘Captain Marvel’ is a skilled pilot and combatant who aside from insane strength and durability, has the power to shoot concussive bursts of energy from her hands. Could you imagine getting hit with that? Ouch!


Danvers’ super strength isn’t all she has to offer. Ms. Marvel is also very intelligent. Carol was a top student in the Air Force Academy, which she joined right after graduating high school to pursue her love for aircraft and flying. It wasn’t long before she advanced into the rank of Major!

We are all looking forward to Brie Larson play the beauty AND the beast Carol Danvers. However, Captain Marvel won’t be released until 2019! Talk about a tease. Until then, you can get to know more about her character on Marvel’s Universe Wiki.

Written By: Daniela Posso

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[VIDEO] First Look! Check Out The Trailer for “Justice League” Movie!


Superheroes rule the Big Screen and the box office, and they most definitely should! In what seems like an eternity in the lifetime of this fanboy, Warner Bros has finally released a trailer for its highly anticipated Justice League movie! A special trailer was shown last night at Comic-Con and has definitely broken the internet!


Batman (Ben Affleck) picks up where Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, left off with Superman still “dead” and now working with Wonder Woman to recruit Aquaman, The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) to their team in hopes of stopping an impending enemy. This villain is rumored to be Steppenwolf, uncle to the even more powerful Darkseid, and the military leader of his Apokoliptian army.

The footage looks amazing! Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is clearly going to be the bad ass of the group with a temper and strength to match. Flash  keeps his youthful exuberance and may very well be the team’s funny man. Meanwhile, Cyborg looks amazing. We cannot wait to see his tech in action! Also did we mention how hot Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are? Check out the trailer for Justice League movie below, and catch it in theaters November 17, 2017!

Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan), Lupita Nyong’o (@Lupita_Nyongo), & Danai Gurira (@DanaiGurira) Roles Revealed in “Black Panther” Movie!


It is official! Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danai Gurira have officially been cast in Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie! These three amazing actors will play three important characters apart of the Black Panther mythos; with Michael as one of his greatest enemies, while Lupita and Danai will be members of the Dora Milaje.

jordan-panther-social-19e5a (1)

The news was announced recently at Comic-Con and we could not be more thrilled! As aforementioned Michael will be the villain of the film, Eric Killmonger. Eric is just as strong as his nemesis and also possesses a genius level intellect.

via ComicBookResources.com

A native of Wakanda, his father was forced into the service of Ulysses Klaw when he and his mercenaries attacked the African nation. Following Klaw’s defeat, T’Challa exiled Killmonger’s family, an act that led the son to swear revenge. With his repatriation back to Wakanda, Killmonger became a subversive, determined to return the technologically advanced nation to its ancient ways.

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Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri) Hosts “The Rap Game” Season 2 Premiere Party in ATL!

Jermaine Dupree

I think it’s about time they rename Atlanta the city that never sleeps because something is always going down in Hot-Lanta!

Irv Erica Dixon

Just last night, Lifetime and V103 hosted a viewing party at Suite Food Lounge for the premiere of the second season of its unscripted series “The Rap Game.” Executive producer and music mogul Jermaine Dupri was on hand to celebrate the show’s debut with over 200 local VIPs including, producer Irv Gotti, rapper Zane, singer Algebra Blessett, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Erica Dixon, singer Mishon, music group Final Draft, Ms. Juicy from the “Little Women Atlanta” reality show, Gary Hayes of the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show”, former radio dj and current HGTV empress Egypt Sherrod, DJ Fadelf, Lovie of “Greenleaf”, hip hop group 2 Crucial, musical trio NLA, rapper Kap-G, singer and Love and Hip Hop LA star Brandi Williams, Shay Johnson formerly of “Love & Hip Hop”, David Dees from “Dating Naked”, Diallo Thompson from “Barbershop 3” and more.

Miss Mulatto

Guests danced to sounds by DJ Peanut. V103’s Greg Street conducted a live broadcast leading up the show’s premiere. ‘The Rap Game’ debuted it’s second season last night on the Lifetime network. This season five new young hip hop artists will have a chance to rap their way to the top as Jermaine Dupri searches for the next big thing in Hip Hop.

Written By: Michael J. Fanning

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