Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) Becomes ‘Creative Ambassador’ for OPI (@OPI_PRODUCTS)!

kerry washington in style

Fall represents the passing of one season to another. As the leaves begin to fall off trees and temperatures start to cool, change takes place ushering in a time of rebirth and growth. Children return to school and go off to college and women have the desire to update their wardrobe. This fall it is all about what you will be wearing on your face and your hands. And some of your favorite celebrities are launching some new beauty collections you will want to rush out and buy.

Kerry Washington, a spokeswoman for Neutrogena, is delving deeper into the beauty industry as the new creative ambassador for OPI 2016. Fall is almost here and the Scandal star is helping you accessorize your fall – winter wardrobe with her Kerry4OPI collection.

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Awaken your skin with Aloe Vera!

Are you looking for soft, smooth and most essentially silky hair? Is your traditional methods of moisturizing your skin old and morbid? Does you skin still require extra attention after you apply lotion? If you fit any of criteria above, wrap your body tightly with Aloe Vera. This cactus like plant with an oblong shape is perfect for your skin, hair, nails and inside of your body as well. A good friend of mine drinks Aloe Vera water all the time and and he explained that he feels more energetic and sharp due to this natural pick me up. Still not sold on Aloe Vera? Check out the benefits of this miracle plant.


  1. Aloe Vera is high in vitamins and minerals.
  2. High in amino acids and fatty acids. Can you say natural cure?
  3. Helps aid with our digestive system.
  4. Have a bad cold you can not shake? Try drinking some Aloe Vera water or tea. Its has the potential to boost our immune system.
  5. Looking to lose stubborn weight? Incorporate Aloe Vera into your diet and watch the pounds fall off!
  6. Supports our cardiovascular system so the risk of Heart disease and heart attacks are reduced.
  7. Aloe Vera alkalizes the body. You couldn’t use an extra shot of electrolytes?
  8. Aloe Vera can detoxify your body natural without the use of harsh chemicals.
  9. Do you suffer from afflictions that can really harm your body inside and out? Aloe Vera is a natural disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal cleaning system that can heal all of your dilemmas without a co payment. No that is a money saver!
  10. If you ran out of hair moisturizer you don’t have to worry yourself about it. Aloe Vera is packed with nutrients that is also great for your tresses. Not to mention its perfect if you suffer from dandruff.


Spring Nail Trends 2015! Ready to “Get Nailed?”

Whose does not love nails? From the different designs, shapes and most essentially all the colors, nails are the perfect way to express ourselves. Not to mention, nails is the universal language we all speak. For example, no matter what the season is, I love rocking my classic manicure that has a gel base and overlay. Whats your favorite nail trend? Before you answer the question, lets see what nail trends will be hot for Spring 2015. Are you ready to get nailed? If so, grab your favorite polish and let’s get to it! From the runway to your local nail salons, nail trends are sweeping the nature by storm.



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