Skin Is In! Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) Launches New Skincare Line!

Today is a good day; especially if you are Tyra Banks or one of her many fans! The former supermodel, and current fashion and beauty mogul, has launched a new skincare line! Yes, Tyra is here to spread her beauty–at least skin deep–with a four-piece (or step, as some may call it) collection consisting of a cleanser, serum, mask, and microdermabrasion.



It’s finally here. For years, me and my Crew have worked with scientists and developers, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning these products to bring you a new kind of skincare. People always ask me, in person and on social media, what do I do to keep my skin looking so young? And I tell them…my Mama taught me everything I know! Now, I’m teaching you and giving you the tools you need to make your skin the best it can be. Watch and see the work behind TYRA Beauty skincare.

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We are here for anything Tyra puts it out. She is an amazing woman who only supports and produces the best products. You can purchase her skincare collection yourself by clicking here. If you do not get it for yourself, get it for a friend or family you know who needs it. Besides the holidays are coming up and this would make an awesome gift!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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5 Gym Bag Essentials to Keep You Smelling & Looking Fresh!

What’s up guys! I have some cool everyday products for those of you gym rats who’ve been living in the locker room this hot summer season. This summer has definitely been a hot one thus far, and if you’re like me a trip to the beach is definitely an essential one this vacation break. Gyms are packed and so are the locker rooms in order to get that beach bod ready, and I’ve come across a great article written by Rodney Cutler of Esquire Magazine, on some basic gym bag or locker room essentials that every guy should check out. Scroll down below for the top 5 essential products that every gym rat should have.



One wipe per. Maybe two. Lab Series’ antiperspirant deodorant ($17; is heavier-duty-than-normal clear stuff, with no scent—not from the deodorant, not from you.

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It’s All In The Kitchen! Household Products for Clear Skin!

Written By: Kwame Waters

Let’s face it, if you’re like me, then I know that you don’t want or have the time to research the prefect products for perfect skin. Hell! You’re a man, and what man really has time for that? Well you’re in luck, because this man does. I’m going to make it so easy for you, that all you’ll simply have to do is walk into your kitchen. Yes, You heard me correctly. Everything you need is in your kitchen, or for those of you who don’t cook, in your next-door neighbor ‘s kitchen.


Many of the ingredients that you use to flavor, enhance, infuse or prepare some of your favorite foods, also serve beneficial to your skin and healthy complexion. For those of you that actually cook, meet me in your kitchen. For those of you that may not even know where your kitchen is located, grab a pen and pad, and lets get your list together to take next door.

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Don’t Be A “Justin Bieber” (@justinbieber), Cover Your Tattoos With Ease!

Covering Tattoos with Makeup
Tattoo Covering with Makeup| Photo Cred: Kim Young Makeup

Recently, Justin Bieber opened up to GQ Magazine about the tattoos on his body. One particular body art caught the eyes of many…the tattoo of Selena Gomez.

This is my ex-girlfriend. So, I kind of try to cover her face up with some shading; but, people still know.

Now, we all know that Justin is not the only person who has unwanted tattoos. Many have or had tattoos that no longer bring them joy. Laser removal is (of course) the permanent option for tattoo extermination. But, that option is so dog-on expensive!

Don’t be a Justin! With the power of makeup, body art lovers can successfully cover up their tattoos for a temporary and satisfying moment.


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Men’s “Skin Care: 10” for Better Skin

This winter the weather has been more up and down than a roller coaster at Six flags over Georgia, and if you’re like me you’ve had a little trouble trying to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from this warm, cold, dry and wet weather. Here are some affordable skincare tips I’ve discovered for us guys to keep our skin feeling healthy, smooth and looking good.


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Even though the humidity is constantly changing from day to day, the continuous change in weather will make your face feel anything but oily or dry. It’s still important to exfoliate, slough away dead skin cells, dirt and oil and leave your face feeling fresh and ready to absorb moistures. It is hard enough trying to find a face wash product that is not laced with chemicals that could cause harm to you at a reasonable price, but for the budget conscious guy here’s a natural product you can try Bulldog Natural Skincare Face Wash for Men. Bulldog Natural skincare products never contain artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources. This product helps with dry or oily skin and is a great facial wash for daily use. I use it myself. I naturally have oily skin and a lot of facial cleansers dry my face out. This face wash does not dry up your face and is gentle enough to make your face feel fresh and clean. This face wash definitely does its job properly and I highly recommend you try it.

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Beauty Mysteries Revealed! Check Out The Real Secret to Flawless Winter Skin!

For the readers that live in the non-tropical climates, I feel your pain! The brisk, cold winter is in full effect, and it’s putting a damper on our beautifully flawless skin! We are now at risk for dry and irritated skin along with chapped lips.

Every year I have used various moisturizers to keep my skin shielded from the cold, but I was consistently unsuccessful. After the first few hours of moisture application, my skin would begin to feel drying and dehydrated. But, the struggle is now over!

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Awaken your skin with Aloe Vera!

Are you looking for soft, smooth and most essentially silky hair? Is your traditional methods of moisturizing your skin old and morbid? Does you skin still require extra attention after you apply lotion? If you fit any of criteria above, wrap your body tightly with Aloe Vera. This cactus like plant with an oblong shape is perfect for your skin, hair, nails and inside of your body as well. A good friend of mine drinks Aloe Vera water all the time and and he explained that he feels more energetic and sharp due to this natural pick me up. Still not sold on Aloe Vera? Check out the benefits of this miracle plant.


  1. Aloe Vera is high in vitamins and minerals.
  2. High in amino acids and fatty acids. Can you say natural cure?
  3. Helps aid with our digestive system.
  4. Have a bad cold you can not shake? Try drinking some Aloe Vera water or tea. Its has the potential to boost our immune system.
  5. Looking to lose stubborn weight? Incorporate Aloe Vera into your diet and watch the pounds fall off!
  6. Supports our cardiovascular system so the risk of Heart disease and heart attacks are reduced.
  7. Aloe Vera alkalizes the body. You couldn’t use an extra shot of electrolytes?
  8. Aloe Vera can detoxify your body natural without the use of harsh chemicals.
  9. Do you suffer from afflictions that can really harm your body inside and out? Aloe Vera is a natural disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal cleaning system that can heal all of your dilemmas without a co payment. No that is a money saver!
  10. If you ran out of hair moisturizer you don’t have to worry yourself about it. Aloe Vera is packed with nutrients that is also great for your tresses. Not to mention its perfect if you suffer from dandruff.