Buzzworthy News from The Book Publishing Industry: Shonda Rhimes, Gucci Mane, & More!

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Black Lives Matter activist, Darnell Moore, inks deal for his coming of age memoir NO ASHES IN THE FIRE, detailing the making of a writer and activist whose own survival story is shared by many of those who have helped shape one of the largest iterations of the Black Freedom Movement since the 60s.

Sunday Morning Trilogy Terry E. Hill book

Turning Pages Book Club announced earlier this year that Bay area novelist Terry E. Hill will be honored as ‘Author of the Year’ for 2016. Hill is the author of the trilogies COME SUNDAY MORING and THE COMMITTEE. Many readers compare Hill to the late E. Lynn Harris in his story content, writing style, and storyline transitions. COME SUNDAY MORNING published by Urban Renaissance, a Carl Webber imprint is the story of Hezekiah T. Cleaveland the handsome pastor of New Testament Cathedral in Los Angeles and his wife Samantha who arranges the assassination of her husband in the pulpit of their mega church after learning of his homosexual affair. The incident causes anarchy among the congregation’s leadership.

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In Truth In His “Underwear Drawer!” Get To Know Langston John Blaze (@LangstonJBlaze)–“The Black James Dean!”

langston john blaze

The world can be a truly uncertain place. There are times when you wish you had an easy answer for the toughest situations. That, however, is rarely the case. Life often proves itself to be a brutal teacher and taskmaster. So what do you do when you add being anything outside of the norm; like being gay for example. There’s no handbook or guide to tell you what to do or how to react when you’re a guy who likes guys. That is where author, actor, and all around great guy, Langston John Blaze comes in with The Underwear Drawer: An Intimate View On Gay Relationships! This amazing book seems to be the “be all” book for surviving the ups and downs of gay life. “I want to help people….when I first came out and began exploring my sexuality there was no one to advise me, tell me what to do, or how to react. I had to figure everything out on my own and it was hard…I got to thinking I really wish there was a book or guide to help gay people, especially young ones, navigate all this…”

the underwear drawer langston john blaze

 The Underwear Drawer may be the best friend any gay person can have! Besides being very well written; it is very relatable. In fact, you will undoubtedly find yourself relating to all the scenarios of self-esteem, love, sex, dating, and ultimately acceptance. “No two gay men are exactly alike, there’s a lot of diversity in the gay community, but all of them can relate to this book…” Reading over the book, you definitely find yourself engrossed in the process and journey it takes you on. Sexuality is complex, and fluid, but the human soul is not. At our core, gay or straight, we all want to be loved.

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A Few Valuable Lessons You Can Take From Angie Martinez’s (@angiemartinez) ‘My Voice’

Angie Martinez, also known as ‘The Voice of New York’, gives us a behind the scenes of her life in her memoir ‘My Voice’. Her book includes her journey in making a name for herself in radio, eventually becoming one of the greatest in her industry, as well as bringing back memories of some of the biggest moments in Hip Hop! From her career, to Hip Hop, to relationships, to trials and tribulations, to her controversial interview with Tupac and more, there is SO much content to gain something from. You will truly build a new-found respect for Angie after reading ‘My Voice’.


I have shared just a few lessons you can take from ‘My Voice’. However, I still recommend reading it for yourself, because like these lessons, there are many more you can take from the read.

1. ‘A mistake or a setback doesn’t have to define you.’

This is a quote from Angie in ‘My Voice’, that was a lesson that she took from the late great Tupac Shakur. Amidst the ‘east coast vs west coast’ beef that rappers Tupac and Biggie had going on, Angie accepted an invitation from Tupac to fly to Los Angeles for an interview. Thats right, Tupac, the artist, requested Angie Martinez to come do an exclusive interview with him.

Now for all of the interview’s details, you’ll have to read the memoir. However, I will share with you one important Q & A from it. Angie says that she asked Tupac if he regretted a certain move in his career, and he responded to her that he wasn’t afraid of making mistakes.

“He told me that, yeah he was gonna f*** up, but that was not ever going to be enough to erase everything else, all the years of work,”

says Angie in My Voice. In other words, we will all make mistakes! What matters is learning from that mistake as oppose to letting it break you.

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Coming of Age & Coming of Power! D.M. Shields’ (@D_M_Shields) “Throw Me To The Wolves” is Empowering!

It seems like nowadays everyone feels it is necessary to write their autobiography or memoir. Every singer, director, actor, superstar–even low level reality stars–feel their stories should be told. Truthfully, many of these “stories about self,” as I like to call them are just that, selfish inflections of people told too many times their stories were worth telling when they absolutely weren’t. This is how I felt about most autobiographies until I met a fellow author and rising singer, D.M. Shields. He was cool, confident, collected, talented, and personable. We instantly made a connection and became good friends. When he told me had written a book, his own autobiography, Throw Me To The Wolves, I was skeptical. Was his story really worth reading and being told?

As a friend I wanted to support him in any way I could, so I took a copy of his book and began reading it on a plane ride to Atlanta from Chicago. As I read the first page of the first chapter I was instantly shocked and captivated:

D.M. Shields, Author of “Thrown To The Wolves”

Yeah, it happened to me too. I’ll give it to you straight, no chaser! This experience is what no one knows. I am 32-year-old man who trusted people, places, and things to handle me properly that didn’t. Who on the contrary, mishandled me all together! Here I am with an entire life ahead of me, and I have come to the realization that ALL of the traumatic, damning, hurtful, painful, embarrassing and dysfunctional experiences that I have gone through are a direct result of this mishandling. Even though these experiences have hurt my emotions, body, and mind. They did not kill the purpose for my life…

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Hot…Steamy…and Enlightening–“Black Coffee” by R.L. Byrd (@Author_RLByrd)!

Every now and then you come across a book so hot, so thrilling, you just cannot put it down. Well Black Coffee is definitely one of them! This amazing book entails love from a man’s perspective, and is a sequel of sorts to Looking For Sweet Love. Written by an equally amazing author, R.L. Byrd, the novel reveals the stories of “the Brotherhood;” DK, Quentin, Miguel, Michael, Donnell, Pastor Levine, Dr. Houston, and Brass. DK “Love” Niles, on his own search for love, talks with the husbands, boyfriends, and  lovers of the Love Forum Divas from the previous book.

All too often women seem to hold a monopoly on love. Think about it. When it comes to romance, it is always hearts, flowers, and lots of red decor and pink trimming. Even the stereotypical love story goes as follows; guy meets girl, guy woos girl, guy hurts girl, guy loses girl, guy fights to win girl back over, girl gives back into guy…and they live happily ever after. “…we don’t really get to hear enough about the fellas when it comes to love…people forget that men love too, and that they’re half of the relationship…” Byrd states.

R.L. Byrd hey mikey atl

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“Haley’s Comet” is Out of This World & Straight to Your Heart!

Nowadays it seems like everyone is trying to write a book. The problem is that very few are actually any good. Thankfully, and proudly, Brett T. Brown is one of those rare writing talents that is actually very good! His debut book, Haley’s Comet is a true breath of fresh air! Where can you read a story about a preteen, reeling from her parents’ divorce who has to move to a new town and deal with bullies, an uncertain environment, and finally the alien abduction of her mother? In this book you will. Yes, I admit it sounds a bit out there, but it is well worth the read. The sci-fi/fantasy of this book is tempered by real life issues young people any and everywhere can relate to. I particularly like how Brett’s writing style is humorous, yet relatable; indicating a promising future for this young writer!


Haley’s Comet made the perfect read along with my preteen and we actually found ourselves discussing the book over lunch and dinner during the Winter holiday break. His favorite character was Ben, while mine (naturally) was Haley. Haley just seemed so real to me. If you were a kid in the eighties and preteen or teen in the nineties then you are well acquainted with Nickelodeon’s As Told By Ginger. The protagonist of that NickToon, Ginger Foutley,  is who Haley truly reminds me of. She has just as much to freak out as anyone would with their mother being abducted, but somehow manages to keep it together. Pretty cool, in my book! Be sure you pick up a copy of Haley’s Comet  by ordering it through Amazon. Heck! Spread the love and treat a friend and buy two! Click the link below for purchasing info!


Brett T. Brown

Facebook: Brett Tyler Brown

Twitter: @BrettTyler8

Instagram: @theoneandonlybrett 

From the Hard Streets of Chicago to the Hardwood of the NBA, “Q Exposed” reveals it all!

On the grand scale of entertainment books are often overlooked or cast to the side as boring or archaic. Little do most people know, the imagery created with words can be as potent as any filmed or scripted scene. More and more, people are finding portals to other worlds, and living vicariously through characters found on the pages in intense and riveting novels. “Q Exposed” is one such amazing novel. Filled with sex, drama, and more twists than a roller coaster ride; this book will have your eyes on the ride of a lifetime as you ready every thrilling word from cover to cover! “Q Feldman” is a phenomenal basketball player hailing from the mean streets of Chicago. His life seems hard, but simple, until fame is introduced into the mix. Readers watch as Q goes from a “latch key kid” to a sports star, and then watch as his life begins to take a dark turn. Fame comes with power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! As its latest victim, our protagonist finds himself in increasingly dramatic and freaky situations; some of which would make a Zane novel blush. Q’s story seems like it is the captivating child of a coming of age story and an erotic thriller. You definitely love seeing the character’s progression, but you love his illicit side a little more. How Q manages to deal with fame, and a few life altering realizations about himself, will have you calling for help–to pick your jaw up off the ground!


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