Love Child? 21 Year Old Young Man Alleges Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan) is His Father!

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Michael Strahan is the man and 2016 has definitely been an amazing year for him. He left Live with Kelly & Michael for a cushy gig on Good Morning America and he is the game show host for Pyramid! The news does not stop there, however, as a twenty-one year old man, David Brown, alleges the former NFL star is his biological father! David was given up for adoption at birth, and believes he was conceived shortly before Strahan’s second marriage.

via Radar Online:


David Brown is Strahan’s strapping mirror image, and believes he was born after the Good Morning America co-host knocked up a lover before marrying his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 1999.

“I know it in my heart,” Brown told Radar. “All of the facts point in that direction. If Michael were sitting in front of me now, he would know, too. That’s why I think I got the run-around.”

At an athletic 6-feet-4 and 240 pounds, Brown bears an uncanny physical resemblance to the former All-Pro New York Giants lineman, who stands 6-feet-5 and weighs about 255 pounds. He also has Brown’s twinkly brown eyes and famous gap-toothed smile.

Brown even played football at the same defensive line position as Michael at a New Jersey high school — and dreams of following in his father’s NFL footsteps.

“I know I have it in me,” Brown told Radar. “My explosiveness off the ball is just like Mike’s!”

But Brown said the real link to the Fox NFL Sunday analyst is in his blood.

Brown was born at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City on Dec. 31, 1994, and immediately put up for adoption by his biological parents.

A birth certificate obtained by Radar does not list the names of those parents, only the adoptive couple who raised him — Pentecostal ministers Bobbi Brown, 67, and John Brown, 57.

But Radar was able to obtain records from the adoption agency — Spence-Chapin Adoption Services — that offer more detail.

According to the documents: “Your birth mother was 19 years old when you were born. She was very tall and slender. . . She enjoyed reading and embroidering and running track.”

Strahan has often been accused of having a wandering eye while married. In August 2014, it was revealed how Muggli accused Strahan during their bitter 2005 divorce rumble of cheating — and even using a hidden camera to videotape her sister while she was in their home.

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“I feel terrible that this woman isn’t here…her family had to deal with that, but as I sit here, an apology is – no.” Nate Parker Won’t Apologize For Rape Accusations!

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Nate Parker is still having to speak out in regards to a rape trial that surfaced prior to the release of his latest film, ‘The Birth of a Nation, and despite all of the controversy behind it, Nate Parker states he is not apologizing for it. Recently he sat down with ’60 Minutes’ and spoke in detail about the rape incident, stating that he doesn’t feel guilty for what happened.


According to Variety:

The director, producer, writer, and star of the historical epic was ultimately exonerated of charges that he sexually assaulted a fellow student at Penn State. Parker did acknowledge that a sexual encounter had taken place — one that involved his roommate and “The Birth of a Nation” co-writer Jean Celestin. However, he said the act was consensual. His accuser later committed suicide, years after dropping out of college. “I was falsely accused…I went to court…I was vindicated,” Parker tells Anderson Cooper, according to a press release from “60 Minutes.” “I feel terrible that this woman isn’t here…her family had to deal with that, but as I sit here, an apology is – no.” He said he hoped that anger over the accusations wouldn’t cause people to boycott his film about Nat Turner’s 1831 slave rebellion. “I think that Nat Turner, as a hero, what he did in history, is bigger than me,” said Parker. “I think it’s bigger than all of us.” “60 Minutes did release footage of some of the Nate Parker interview, although the program did include an excerpt in which Parker discusses his Christian faith. In it Parker does admit that his behavior that night gave him pause when Cooper asks him if he feels he did something morally wrong. As a Christian man, just being in that situation, yeah sure,” Parker said. ” I am 36 years old right now…my faith is very important to me…so looking back through that lens…it’s not the lens I had when I was 19 years old.” “The Birth of a Nation” scored a record-breaking deal after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with Fox Searchlight beating out the likes of Netflix to land distribution rights for $17.5 million. It opens on Oct. 7. The film was expected to be a major awards contender, but the furor surrounding the rape claims may sink its Oscar chances.

Check out a preview of the interview on the CBS website.

Vivica A. Fox (MsVivicaFox) Makes History With Latest Film Role!


Actress Vivica Fox will be in the history books due to her latest film role. The Empire actress will soon look very presidential as she has been cast to portray the President of the United States in her next film. Vivica’s latest role will mark the first time an African-American woman has portrayed the president in a live action film. Many women throughout the years have portrayed the president on screen. According to Mashable Patty Duke was the first woman to play in “Project Moonbase” which aired in 1953. Also, Alfre Woodard portrayed the president in a TV series called “State of Affairs”. Vivica’s role is significant because she will be the first to portray the president in a live action film.

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Vivica’s history-making role will be in a new sci-fi movie called “Crossbreed”. The movie is based on a group of retired military veterans who get assigned to a special mission by the president who is played by Vivica Fox. During the mission, the war heroes, have to retrieve an alien being from an illegal medical facility where its DNA was being harvested illegally to manufacture weapons. The movie will be directed by Brandon Slagle who recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on his thoughts of Vivica being cast as the president.

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Mogul Moves! Jay-Z (@S_C_) to Produce Two Television Projects!


Jay Z is writing another blueprint to his never ending mogul success.

The Brooklyn rapper signed a  two-year overall deal with The Weinstein Company to produce both scripted and unscripted television projects and film projects. Projects under the deal are already in development and will be announced in the coming weeks.


According to THR:

The rapper-turned-mogul’s past film credits include producing Will Gluck’s Annie remake, co-producing Chris Rock’s Top Five and executive-producing Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

“I’m excited to tell stories from real-life prophets, whom through their struggles have changed the world for the better, and others whose stories are filled with fantasy and delight,” said Jay Z in a statement. “Harvey and David are visionaries both of whom have done this time and time again. I’m already passionate about what we currently have in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to discovering others.”


“Having known Jay on a personal level for many years we are thrilled by the opportunity to expand our relationship,” said TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein. “Jay’s ability to influence entertainment and pop culture has gone well beyond music for many years. He approaches every aspect of his career with both determination and effortlessness, making him one of the leading power players in entertainment history. We already have some exceptional projects in the works and are excited to see what more is to come.”

TWC President and COO David Glasser added, “Jay Z is an entertainment mogul with an unparalleled sense of the industry and limitless creativity. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to collaborate with him as we continue to grow our TV division and look towards many more opportunities to create fresh content.

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Look at God! Zonnique (@Star_OMG) Won’t Face Jail Time For Gun Arrest!


Zonnique Pullins, daughter of rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris, will be cashing in her get out of jail free card and wont be facing any time behind bars.

According TMZ, 20-year-old Zonnique, will avoid jail time for bringing a gun into an airport earlier this year.


Zonnique was arrested back in June and charged with bringing a concealed weapon into Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport. The .380 Ruger semi-automatic pistol was in her purse after it was discovered going through the x-ray machine and she told PEOPLE magazine that she forgot she had it on her.

“I know that’s really irresponsible on my part, but it was really just an honest mistake,” Zonnique said. “I was at home, rushing to get to the airport, and I was throwing everything in my purse. The gun is really, really small. It looks like a toy gun. It was just at the bottom of my purse. When I went through security check, I was like ‘Oh I forgot it was in there.’ 

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Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) Releasing Memoir – Talks About Marrying a Gay Couple in Jail & Drake Sleeping With His Girlfriend

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Rapper Lil Wayne has a memoir coming out titled ‘Gone ‘Til November,’ where he shares with fans his life experiences, particularly those he experienced in prison.


Back in 2010 Lil Wayne was sentenced to – and served – eight months in Rikers Island Prison in New York City. Weezy went to court for possession of weapons and plead guilty to the gun charges.

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): On The Move! Anton Starkman (@AntonStarkman) Makes A Mark In Tinsel Town!


Anton Starkman got his start as an actor by following in the footsteps of his older brothers who were pursuing the craft. He landed his first job at five on the Young and Restless and ever since then; he has been creating a name for himself in Tinseltown. This year, has been phenomenal for Starkman.

“2016 has been quite a year for me,” said Starkman.

Anton B copy

He had a recurring role on American Horror Story and landed starring roles in Shovel Buddies and Storks (in theaters now). “Working on American Horror Story was an amazing experience, not only because Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk believed in me enough to cast me in six episodes, but also because I was able to work directly with Academy Award winner Kathy Bates, Denis O’ Hare, and Angela Bassett. Working with them made me understand how important it is as an actor to be ready to go when they say action,” said Anton. Starkman played “Max Ellison” on the hit show. Now he is portraying “Nate,” a 10-year-old boy (Storks) who sends a letter requesting a sibling from Stork Mountain.

“People should see this film because it takes a great team to make a film as special as this one. It’s a roller coaster ride from the very beginning. Don’t expect to sleep through this animated movie,” said Starkman.

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