Writer, Actor, & Absolutely Amazing! We’ve Got Nothing But LOVE For Alex Jante!

alex jante

It is no secret that we at HeyMikeyATL love our web series, and more importantly web stars! The flare, performances, and risque world these budding actors have introduced us to is nothing short of addictive. By now, you might feel as if you know all there is to know about web stars. Perhaps you think there’s a simple formula to them– face, body, sex scenes, rinse and repeat–but you would be wrong. Especially when it comes Alex Jante, a true gem.

Alex  Jante is not your average guy, let alone web star.

This amazing young man is also an actor, writer, author and one of the stars of Signal 23 TV’s hit web series, Steel River: When We Were Young!

alex jante

As you may already know, Steel River: When We Were Young is a prequel to Signal 23 TV’s flagship series, Steel River. Alex portrays “Will” a straight laced young man on the cusp of adulthood, who dreams of having a better life. Will also struggles with his sexuality, not knowing where his feelings end or begin when it comes to his best friend, Addison(Travis Demetri). “Will is a very passionate and loyal person in my opinion and perspective…he is a person who is really engaged in his friendship with Addison…he is cool and he knows about the other characters, but his loyalty really lies with Addison.” Interestingly, unlike most of the characters in the series, Will seems to be almost repulsed by his same sex attractions as evidenced by his face in key scenes. “So Will is the character that is very much like I said loyal to Addison up to the point that I believe he realizes Addison is struggling with his sexuality and because of who he is he wants his friend to be comfortable around him…so in that he becomes a little bit more affectionate and endearing and find himself in the head space of knowing he has love for Addison, but struggling with wondering is he in love with him just to be comfortable…I feel like Will is the type of person where if you were to be gay he is the person you would actually want to be with. For him it’s not necessarily the idea of a gay or straight struggle, just a relationship with Addison…” 

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Signal 23 TV’s “Steel River” Makes Waves w/ New Web Star, Sherrod Willis (@sherrod4real)!

sherrod willis darrick-24

Signal 23 TV continues to deliver some amazing stories to its viewers. Last summer it  brought us About Him, and Fall of last year it debuted Steel River: When Were Young a prequel to the original Steel River series that put Signal 23 TV on the map! Faithfully and diligently, we have been tuning into see watch  William (Will), Kadoe, Ivan, and Addison ten years in the past as they  grow to become the men we know and love. Beyond the drama, sex, intrigue, and craziness; viewers are really getting a taste of what it means to come of age while being Black and gay.

Just when we thought the series could not get any wilder though, a new character, played by Sherrod Willis, has been tossed in the mix!

sherrod willis acting reel

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan and growing up in Chicago, Sherrod is an amazing addition to Steel River: When We Were Young. Besides being the newest cast member of the series, he is a rising star who has dreamed of the spotlight since his freshman year in college. “I was in a performing arts group back in Chicago and we did little skits and stuff like that, or promotional videos and I think I took an interest in it then. I never really knew what do or where to go so when I moved down here to Atlanta I saw a web series [Kaleidoscope} I wanted to be a part of and went from there….” Sherrod’s enthusiasm and willingness to go after his dreams stems from his desire to be the best version of himself possible. “I always knew I w anted to be something great–somebody great–but I know that depends on me…” Indeed, Sherrod’s raw talent shined through on his debut episode, “Due Process,” as his character, “Jackson,” not only forced Will (Alex Jante) to confront his sexuality, but seduced and coerced him in one of the hottest sex scenes in web series history!

As “Jackson,” he portrays the soldier brother of Will’s girlfriend, who as the series eludes to in another conversation is “trade.” (via Urban Dictionary; A man who messes around with other men, but no one would ever know by looking or talking to him. Used by gay black men to identify masculine gay men or DL Brothas.) Sherrod goes on to state ,“You’re gonna love him [Jackson], he’s a different type of dude, and I love playing him, and the waves he’s gonna make in the story line kinda make you jump!” Although he admits his episode’s sex scene was hot, he feels the scene between Ivan (Rion Deshon) and his trade love interest (Tripp Ali)was hotter. “They really went in on that. It was just so realistic, like I know people who have told me that they’ve hooked up in a shower or bathroom, or know someone who did. Rion and Tripp are amazing actors, so i gotta give it up for them [he laughs].”

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[VIDEO] A #HeyMikeyATL Exclusive! It’s “About Them!” Meet The Cast of Tyson Anthony’s “About Him: Freshman Year!”

about him freshman year
The cast of "About Him freshman year (l-r) Rocc, Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, and Desmond Fletcher

About Him just cannot be stopped and we are not complaining. As you already know the second season of the hit web series has spawned two very different shows on two different networks; Bawn TV with Tyson Anthony and director, Anthony Bawn, and Signal  23 TV with Henderson Maddox. We are dedicated to complete coverage of both series and our very own “Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning, was invited to meet the cast of Tyson Anthony’s About Him: Freshman Year.

about him freshman year

The series stars Brandon Karson, reprising his role of “Damien” from the first season; alongside Rahim Brazil as “Kendall.” Together the two head a new cast of characters as Damien heads off to college and makes new friends, new enemies, and deals with lots of scandal!

Check out Mikey’s interview with amazing cast below!

About Him: Freshman Year is rumored to be released on February 28th so make sure you subscribe to the series via Bawn TV and catch it on Amazon Prime! There will be some amazing individual interviews with each cast member coming soon to our site. Make sure you are in the mix! This “Freshman Year” is going to be breathtaking!

You can keep up About Him: Freshman Year by following their Facebook page of the same name and the series’ official Instagram account, @weloveabouthim!


Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Teenear (@TeenearR)–Miami’s Shining Star!


Everything is hot in Miami. This sultry city has hot fashion, hot people, and even hot music. So of course Miami native Teenear fits right in. Teenear is Slip-N-Slide Record’s newest artist and she is already giving the people a run for their money. Recently, Teenear sat down with Kontrol  to give us the exclusive on her newest single and her career.

Singer Teenear

Teenear has a unique pop sound and her lyrics are relatable to many young women across the globe. Recently, Teenear released her latest single “Last Night” and it’s sure to become the girl anthem of the year.

“The person I was working with, Ali, he’s the other writer of the song. I came into the studio hearing him sing “Last Night” over and over again, and I sat there and I thought of just things that I know people go through. And I feel like a lot of people can relate to being in on and off relationships for whatever reasons. I feel like this song is just for the girl who has gotten to the point where she realizes that she is over it. She doesn’t need him. She’s found her worth and she knows that she is bigger than that relationship. The ultimate independence song and her just saying that she can still do her by herself.”

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Behind the Music w/ Rémy Martin’s “Circle of Centaurs” Winner Eyme Santos!

eyme santos

Eyme Santos is a multi-faceted talent who’s ready to take on the world by storm. With her many talents from music to fashion, this star on the rise may have just struck gold. Recently chosen as the winner of Rémy Martin’s 2016 Circle of Centaurs Music Mentorship Competition, get the inside scoop on what this up and coming artist has going on after her big win.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m beyond excited but most of all humbled and thankful for the opportunity to be able to receive the support of a major brand like Rémy Martin. My goal was to show them and the world that I am serious about my dreams and to be chosen as the winner has been my favorite moment of 2016.”

Rémy Martin’s Circle of Centaurs Mentorship program is an extension of the brands One Life/Live Them campaign that recognizes and celebrates individuals’ many talents. Mentoring the next generation is an important part of Rémy Martin’s past, as their cellar masters passed down their knowledge and expertise to the next. The program aims to inspire and shape the minds of individuals to be the best artist they can be. Santos was selected as the competition winner in the category of singing and will be mentored by Circle of Centaurs Ambassador, actor/singer/photographer Jackie Cruz. Cruz will not only mentor Santos but will also share her insights, advice and personal experiences working in the entertainment industry.

“I’m beyond excited about that! Being Latina is something we both share, I am part Dominican and part Haitian and she is Dominican so being able to learn from a strong woman who shares the same culture as I am is very inspiring. Jackie Cruz is someone who I truly admire and I hope to be able to soak in as much wisdom as possible because I think it is very important to be open to learning from courageous souls who are paving the way. They have conquered many battles and as the student eager to succeed I’m ready to learn.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Songstress, Inas X (@InasX), Is Music’s Next Big Superstar!

Inas X’s goal in life is to spread love and knowledge. She believes that the world needs more love and will stop at nothing to get her message across. A Palestinian Brooklyn native, with a story of tribulation all of her own, Inas X is ready to take you on an emotional journey through her music. Indefinable, independent, and creative, she’s taking on the music industry one song at a time.

“I love everything about music and the way it makes you feel. I love how music touches people. I think that there is no other form of art, or no other industry really that touches the mass like music does. I think music is so powerful in that sense.”

From chorus to the band, Inas was no stranger to music. However, it was her first on stage performance that made her want to turn it into a career.

“My first performance was in the first grade; I was Cher and sang, “I Got You, Babe”. That was like my first experience on stage, and from then on, I knew I always wanted to act, sing and be creative.”

In 2016 Inas took fans on an emotional journey with songs on her EP like “Gets Me High” and “Stupid”. So for 2017 Inas assures us of more heat coming our way for the New Year.

“I’m getting ready to drop an EP. It’s coming with a lot of visuals, so I’m really excited about that. I have a lot of new music, new videos, new everything coming out in 2017. I’m just excited to show where I am and how much I’ve grown in the industry. I’m just ready to connect more with my fans.”

Inas is no stranger to climbing the charts. After claiming a spot on the Billboard Top 20 Dance charts in 2016, she also finished up a tour across the United States all in the same year.

“It was definitely a surreal feeling because I was on tour when it happened. So it was definitely a surreal feeling for me because it was a dream of mine that I started to see manifest into reality. But it also made me want to go harder so that I can reach the top spot on the Billboard top 100!”

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Stitched w/ Love! StitchDFactory By India Yahsmein!

Texture Ribbed Cowl

When the weather outside is frightful–and by frightful we mean cold as “Reverse-Hell”–having a reliable and cute scarf and hat are EVERYTHING. We love our summer, spring, and fall fashions traditionally due to the versatility in styles and options; but it is a  little hardier to be trendy in winter–or so we thought! Enter StitchDFactory by India Yahsmein, a line of wonderfully made, quality, and trendy knitted accessories to combat all your frosty fears!

Charcoal Chunky Crocheted Cowl stitchdfactory

Chunky Crocheted Cowl

After receiving two amazing products from StitchDFactory,  the Chunky Crocheted Cowl and the Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat, we were all too happy to get the scoop on this wonderful designer and her project of love! Check out our Q & A w/ India below!

1. How did you start your company?

“It actually started in London when I was studying abroad. When a group of ladies I met over seas decided to learn to knit from another student also studying abroad. I bought my first pair of needles and yarn and proceeded to make a scarf. Nevertheless I didn’t buy enough yarn so the scarf was extremely short and a little uneven but I loved it and it’s still in my closet till this day. So after a while I began making pieces for friends and family as gifts and was instantly encouraged to sell my pieces. Everyone was so impressed with the quality of my work and so the Etsy adventure began! And within the last year I decided to make my passion my reality and here we are today! “

2. Tell us about your products. Are they hypoallergenic, where do you get your fabrics from?

“Currently I am focused on winter accessories because of the season. I carry hats and beanies, scarves and cowls, ear warmers and even Shrugs during the fall and winter season. During this upcoming spring and summer I will focus on beach wear… swimwear, cover ups, skirts, cover ups and totes. Our winter apparel is mostly made of wools and wool blends. However our summer pieces are mainly 100%cotton.”

3. What makes your brand different from other lines of knitted clothing out there?

“The quality and attention to detail is what makes me stand out from other brands. As well as every single piece is handmade by me!”

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