#Inappropriate! “Father’s Day” for Your Mother!

There is one day a year that we as a society set aside to honor fathers, the MALE parents who took part in the reproductive process and decided to stick around for their children’s sake. Still the fathers we know and love, are often overshadowed by the low lives who decided that being a father just was not in their plan. These men are often grouped in with the aforementioned men who did their part. Even more disturbing is that the good men get little to no praise for their efforts. The very day set aside for them is offered to mothers instead–not cool and “in-mothereffing-appropriate!”

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Halle Berry (@TheRealHalleB) says husband, Olivier Martinez, Calls Her Out about Wearing Sweats!

It’s a true rarity to see Halle Berry and her 14-month old son Maceo strolling along the sidewalks so imagine everyone’s surprise when they saw Halle, her actor husband, Olivier Martinez and baby Maceo indulging in a little Parisian stroll just a few days ago – how cute?!

Halle Berry

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Breaking The Mold–Her Tonka Truck for Christmas!

February, my least favorite month–or at least it was until this year. February is the month of love, or so people think it is because of Valentine’s Day. Annually, we watch as women swoon over candy and roses; and their suitors break their banks in hopes of a truly romantic evening. For me, however, it is my birth month. With me being born a mere two days before the holiday, I have often found myself in a losing a competition for my family and friends’ time and attention. Then, when in May, my brother’s fiancee announced she was pregnant; I knew yet again my special day would take yet another backseat…


Aairess (pronounced “heiress) Nyari Victoria McCurdy-Fanning (a mouthful huh?) was born on the late afternoon of February 3, 2014. It is rare girls are born into my family. In fact, it had been twenty-five years since my youngest sister, the last girl, was born into the family. Naturally, she was the source of quite a celebration. My brother and I, at best are fierce rivals, many liken us to Batman and The Joker. So, when it came time for me to meet my new niece for the first time I was not too thrilled. I entered the hallowed halls of the hospital with the intent of doing my uncle and brotherly duties and then abruptly departing, knowing I had taken the higher road. Continue reading

Doris Rowland Garrison, Mother of Kelly Rowland, Passes

Death is an everyday, and naturally occurring phenomenon. However, no matter how you write it, meet it, or peg it; the loss of life is always a tragic thing. Recently, a surprising number of celebrities are suffering from the loss of family members and close friends. Superstar singer, Kelly Rowland, is the latest celebrity to deal with this ordeal. We are sad to announce, Kelly’s mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, has passed.


Apparently Mrs. Garrison had been suffering from a yet undisclosed ailment for quite some time and passed overnight. Her daughter has yet to reveal anything more to her fans via social media, but other celebrities took to Twitter almost immediately to offer their condolences. Not much is known about Kelly Rowland’s mother as she has opted to remain out of the spotlight most of her daughter’s career. She is survived by Kelly, her son Orlando Rowland, and newborn grandson Titan Jewell Weatherspoon. Let’s keep Kelly and her family in our prayers during this difficult time.


Orlando and Kelly Rowland


Rest in Peace: Julian St. John, Son of Soap Star Kristoff St. John, Commits Suicide

It is extremely hard for a child to lose and bury a parent and its even harder to bury your child. There’s an old addage that goes: “A child is supposed to bury their mother” but regardless there’s no soothing either theory – and it is with a very heavy heart that we at Kontrol Magazine send our deepest condolences to actor Kristoff St. John and his ex-wife Mia, as they mourn the loss of their son Julian.


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11/15/2014- “Noni’s Blues”

Hey Mikey,

You’ll be happy to know I went and saw “Beyond The Lights!” It was as awesome as you said it would be. I related to Noni a lot…currently my family is trying to push me into a business career to help them run their businesses. I want to act but i know they won’t support me. They don’t know it but the pressure they’ve put on me has made me depressed, stressed, and at times I have contemplated just giving in. What should I do? I don’t want to disappoint them, but I also don’t want to live a life I won’t be happy with?


***Gasping, you are not a chicken in a crock pot, therefore your family should not be applying any pressure on you! You only get one life to live and it has to be on your own terms. As difficult as it may be, you must stand your ground and pursue your dream wholeheartedly. Just remember nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Your family will either learn to support you, or learn to get out of your way. The life of an actress may not be what they wished for you, but it is the life you will have, and you must live it bravely!

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10/26/2014- “Sanctum (The Man Cave Wars)”

Hey Mikey,

My husband is really beginning on my nerves. His bitchassness, as my girls and I like to call it, is really starting to turn me off! We recently purchased a fixer upper house that will soon be our dream home after a few renovations. It has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a kitchen with an island, a walk-in closet (FOR ME!) and a basement that four cars can fit into. I’m really happy with the place and have a lot of plans on what we will be doing with each room. Two belong to my children, the master belongs to us, and the others I imagined would be a guest room, play room, and sewing room. My husband knew this beforehand but now he wants a “Man Cave.” I’m  not with that! It’s not what we planned and it seems really selfish. My sewing room is for my business, and the children need a room for their toys and games. He complains saying he does not have space to do anything he wants. I allow him to hang with his boys whenever he pleases; so I’m not sure where this is all coming from. I do know I’m tired of arguing though. He and I both follow your column, who’s in the wrong?

-The Bubbling Fashionista (website coming soon!)

***The Bubbling Fashionista, I would like for you to re-read your inquiry. I find a lot of selfishness coming from your corner and no bitchassness in his. Whether you had plans for the house or not it is still his home too. You are married, meaning you both have to make concessions. The children have their bedrooms and a play room; you have a walk-in closet and a sewing room–what does he have in his home to call his own? Let me correct you too. As a grown man you are not “allowing” him to go out with his boys. He can do that whether you like it or not. However, he is fighting for a man cave because it’s his way of telling you he needs space in his home. Everyone needs a place to retreat and trust me when I tell you there are millions of women who wished their man’s retreat was his home; and not the strip club or a side chick’s house. This is a simple family issue to resolve and requires compromise on your part. I’m sure you’d much rather stay a “Bubbling Fashionista” than become a divorced one.

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