Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) is Bringing The Morning Sun

This morning on The Today Show, Selena Gomez graced our mornings with an enjoyable performance. She performed Good For You, Same Ole Love, and Come and Get It/ Me and The Rhythm as a part of Today’s Citi Concert Series. But, the one thing I loved more than her performance was her one-piece outfit that was SLAYING. Her ensemble was fierce and reminded the crowd that she was no longer a Disney Channel star.
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Fashion O.M.G: Gwen Stefani’s (@gwenstefani) Major Fashion DON’T!

I’m not exactly sure what Gwen Stefani was thinking when she woke up yesterday morning. Today, Gwen’s soggy outfit had me saying the oh-so-famous line by Kevin Hart, “I wasn’t ready!”

Usually, Gwen’s styles are usually edgy and ride the fashion boundary line (if there is such a thing). Then again, isn’t that what being a fashionista is all about? Defying odds and pushing the boundaries is what it means to be a true fashionista. However, Gwen dropped down five levels in the fashionista rank for this getup.


The ensemble consisted of a Coca-Cola shirt written in Japanese, and baggy leather shorts that were worn mid hip. Leggings were worn under the shorts, and to top it off she decided to decorate this frightening outfit with open-toed heels.

Gwen this is not okay! Please lay out your clothes the night before you go out if you need too.

For you sake, please do not walk out your home in that kind of outfit again! Hopefully, we can recover from what our eyes have witnessed and not allow the outfit to scar our memories.


Comment below and let know what you think about Gwen’s outfit. Would you consider this a yes or no?

Written By: Sarai Thompson



Outfit Of The Day: Khloe K. (@khloekardashian) Is Throwing Some Serious White Shade!

Wait! Before you assume that Khloe is back in another tabloid, it’s time to think again!

This shade is all about Khloe K’s monochromatic white outfit. Not only does she draw attention but, her outfit also is a representation of the fun, single Khloe that we are all continuously getting to know. Who said that you can only begin to wear white around the Spring time? Who dares to say that we cannot wear white after Labor Day?  Khloe’s outfit tosses all those ideas aside and this is a statement that we should make too. Out with the old rules! Say hello to a new year where anything is possible. Khloe’s outfit is one that can be admired and desired.

Madame Kardashian was seen wearing this outfit in Beverly HIll, California. Her accessory was a Chanel Flap Bag also known as Chanel 2.55. This particular bag is quite popular and the price starts at 2,000 dollars.

Along with the Chanel Flap Bag, below I have listed another bag that can be purchased and is similar to the popular, coveted bag.  Another fabulous option if needed.

Enihorn Minimini Bag White- $103.000

Enihorn Minimini Bag White- $103.000

Purchase this bag at

Comment below and let me know what you think about Khloe’s outfit. Do you have any other alternative bag options? I would love to hear from you!

Stay Fabulous!

Written By: Sarai Thompson



Media Watch: K. Michelle (@kmichelle) in Dolce & Gabbana (@dolcegabbana)!

Regal, the first word that comes to mind when you see K. Michelle’s Instagram post in this stunning, red, Dolce & Gabbana dress.

This dress was a perfect fit for the curvaceous K. Michelle and showed off every curve. It was as if the dress melted onto her body. With not much to say on Instagram, K. Michelle simply captioned the photo, “Dolce and Gabbana.” Can you say microphone drop moment?! But, can you blame her? There is not much to say when you are wearing a dress that is desired by many. The red color is a dark and cherry red color. The dress is short-sleeved, and the sleeves flow off the shoulders just like the bottom portion of the mermaid dress. See the Instagram pictures below to fully understand the beauty in this photo.



You can now see why this photo currently has 25,739 like on Instagram. Style on Madame! If you were a stranger to K. Michelle’s style, now you are officially introduced.

It looks like K. Michelle was in a photo shoot in her Instagram picture. I wonder what surprise she has in store for her fans? Only time will tell!

Comment below and tell me what you think about K. Michelle’s post?


Written By: Sarai Thompson



Outfit of the Day: Amrezy (@amrezy)!

Today’s Outfit of the Day is dedicated to blogger Amrezy from Los Angeles, California. This outfit shows no boundaries in the sexy department! The low cut dress is definitely for my older HeyMikeyATL readers and for those who are younger, take notes for the future!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.52.34 PM

I found this fabulous outfit while taking my “study break” on Instagram. This dress would push the boundaries with any woman and dare them to embrace that inner sexy. The cream colored, low-cut dress flows with the thigh high brown strapped boots. These items not only flow in fit but also color. No clothing item is overstepping it’s boundary. The pieces involved in this ensemble is all from boutiques located in Los Angeles. The dress is from Sorella Boutique and it’s called Take the Plunge. The boots are from Los Angeles shoe boutique called Lola Shoetique. I would definitely recommend these shoes to any of you ladies that lives in warmer climates. A must have in your closet!



Interested in purchasing any of the items that @amrezy is wearing? Check out Sorella’s website at to find the dress anFaLola Shoetique at

Check out @amrezy’s blog for yourself and follow her on Instagram!


Written By: Sarai Thompson