[VIDEO] #FitnessFriday- Keon Black (@KBTrainernActor)

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Is it just us or is the craziness for fitness at an all time high? Everywhere you look there are posts of people committing to a healthier lifestyle all centered around fitness. However, most people do not realize conditioning is a huge part of being fit. By that we mean metabolic conditioning,  referring to structured patterns of work and rest periods to elicit a desired response from the body. Pretty much this is how your standard workout class goes, utilizing intense exercises with small breaks in between.

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Atlanta Sports Complex’s Keon Black is a true master of conditioning! This amazing actor and trainer believes wholeheartedly a fit life is a better life, motivating his clients through spirituality and compelling them to be better people in and out of the gym. “It’s all about doing your absolute best in whatever you do. Your sole competition is yourself…you can’t worry about what everyone else is saying, or doing, or how they looking, at the end of the day it’s all about you wanna accomplish!”

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Celebrity Edition: The Stress for the perfect Body image!

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The pressure for perfection continues to be at an all-time high in our society. Every single day, people are bombarded by the expectation of the preferred form. Both men and women are subjected to society’s standard of beauty through magazines, television, and the endless amount of “health aids” that assist in achieving and maintaining the optimal physique. Women are either expected to be rail thin (for high fashion) or have tiny waists with large lower regions (the perfect hourglass). With the constant visuals, people are driven to go to unhealthy lengths to achieve the “perfect shape.”

Diet pills, waist trainers, excessive working out, all types of implants, fat removal, etc, are some things that people are doing and some of the people affected the most by it are celebrities. Due to the constant pressure that comes with being in the public eye, they are held to unrelenting standards.

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Hercules! 50 Cent (@50Cent) Grabs the Cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine (@muscle_fitness)–Talks About His Work Out Regime & Success!


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is turning 40 on July 6th, and still has the body of a man half his age. How? Through discipline and the determination to remain relevant. 50’s physique has not always been the talk of the town. In fact when the rapper turned actor and business mogul first arrived on the scene he sported an average build. It was his first big album, 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ that we saw him with the Olympian build he sports today, albeit even bigger and better now! Muscles & Fitness magazine wizened up and put him on their cover and discussed just what he is doing to stay in shape and on top!

50 cent get rich or die tryin front

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Get Summer-Time FINE with these easy tips!!


Even though the weather has been crappy here in Atlanta lately, do not let Mother Nature discourage your fitness goals. Remember, summer is around the corner and you do not want to be caught singing the same old tune you did last year. Right now is the perfect time to get started on shedding that extra weight one day at a time. Are you ready to spring board your body into the best shape ever? If so, check out these easy tips that can help you achieve that sexy beach body in no time. Trust me, summer bodies are created in the Winter/Spring so you can glow all summer long!


  1. Listen to your body! When its time to eat, make sure you eat! You can not lose weight if you do not eat. Throw out all those ideologies that starving yourself will make you smaller. Our bodies does not work that way. If you want to be confident on the beach this summer, make sure you are eating!
  2. Make sure what you are eating is not high in fat! Put down the sugary sodas and juices and drink more WATER!! Water has the ability to clean our system, keep our skin silky smooth, and quench our thirst on those hot summer days.
  3. GET ACTIVE! Whether its riding a bike, swimming, hiking, jumping rope, jogging, etc in order to lose weight you have to get active. This is the only way you can break down those fat cells. Say hello to the new you!
  4. EAT CLEAN! Eating clean means consuming food that is not only good for you but it keeps you regular. Clean food includes but not limited too fruits, nuts, berries, oatmeal, bran, flax seeds, salads, grilled chicken, brown rice, and a lot of vegetables.



Written By: Jarius Tommillson

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Be “Fitness” Forward! Swimsuit Ready Workouts for Your Summer Body!


It’s only February but, don’t be fooled! March and April are right around the corner. You know what that means, Spring Break is near!

Now, since the start of the Winter, it is safe to say that some of us were in exercise hibernation. All those Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are yet to burn off! But, don’t fret! Now is the time to get that body back into shape!

There are tons of apps and workouts (personally tried and proved by me) that are worth using! Here are my top two exercises that I found to be successful. Test them both and find the workout that works best for you.

However, along with working out, remember to eat healthy to balance out your intense workout!

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The Hot Tamale: Halani


Name: Halani

IG: @Halanilob

Age: 32

From: Brooklyn born – Atlanta raised

Currently Reside In: Lithonia, GA

Occupation: Fire Captain, Body builder, Wife and Mother of Two

Nationality: Father is Jamaican and Mother is Biracial

Halani swimsuit

It’s often been said that a woman can do anything a man can do but how many women can actually say that they’ve exceeded the expectation? Halani Lobdell of Georgia can say she has and her story is one of true inspiration.  Halani is currently the youngest fire captain in Dekalb County history, becoming captain at age 27.  Aside from her demanding job, Halani is a wife and mother of two small children, and competes in national body building competitions. Halani is the first female iCandy for Kontrol Magazine and columnist Monique C. Tillman had a chance to pick Halani’s brain on issues regarding her personal life, her career and her day to day exploits.

MONIQUE: Who or what in life inspires you and how?

HALANI: I don’t want to sound full of myself or anything but I inspire myself. I think being in such a male dominated industry I have to constantly inspire myself ya know? I’m doing a job not many women can say that they have and I’m doing it in a way that allows me to keep my femininity. I’m doing a job most people only think a man is capable of doing so I’m definitely breaking the social norm a little bit.

MONIQUE: I don’t think saying you inspire yourself makes you seem arrogant at all. In fact, I applaud you for taking on such a tough job. Tell me, what would you say is the hardest part of what you do?

HALANI: Umm, I’d have to say time management. I have two small kids and they’re involved in different activities so at times it can be kind of difficult carving out time to do everything without spreading myself so thin. It’s like I have to make sure I’m present at my kids’ events, I’m at work supervising a bunch of people, I’ve got to come home and make sure the house is in tact while still making sure my husband is good and then if I’m in training for a competition, I’ve got to up the ante a little bit. So yeah, time management would definitely have to be the hardest part.

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Fit4u Fitness Tips: No “Tornado” Bodies! How To Build The Perfect Calves!!!


When it comes to being fit, the upper body garners most men’s attention. However, this leaves them disproportionately shaped–a heavy top and little bottom. This bottom includes anything below the waist. Sure, a flat stomach, big arms, and a defined chest are desirable attributes of the ideal male physique, but you cannot neglect those legs! Doing so gives you, as Gary “General G” Anderson describes, a “Tornado Body.” Check out his tip on a simple exercise, “Calf Raises,” to give you the calves you deserve to support that massive upper body! See below as he demonstrates!


***To train with General G, catch him at Fit4U Gym, 2133 LaVista Executive Park Drive, Tucker, GA 30084.