Ink My Whole Body: Tatted & Terrific! Kickin’ It w/ Kandace Layne (@kandacelayneart)!

They say it’s hard out there for a pimp, well it is definitely hard out there for ladies too. Especially when you are a female tattoo artist. Kandace Layne is her name, and she is just as talented as any male tattooist. So how does this amazing inker stay ahead of the game and above the fray? Easy. By staying in her own “Layne” and tatting her own way! “I’ve always believed in being an individual…I decided early on that being a tattoo artist is what I wanted to do with my life…People tried to talk me out of it, but there is just something about art and make that a permanent part of someone else that I think is so great…”


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Ink My Whole Body: Master of “The One Time Line!” Check Out My Boy, Chris Davis (@nameschrisdavis)!

Art flows in lots of different directions. Like a river, you always feel you can predict or chart its course; but give it a little rainwater and it soon swells into an elemental force all its own. That is what City of Ink tattooist, Chris Davis is–an unpredictable artist with a flood of talent. When you meet Chris you immediately get the feeling this man is about business–and he is–but with a twist. Whatever hours you feel it will take for you to endure the pain of getting a tattoo pass by seamlessly. Why? Because the man is just that entertaining and EFFICIENT. Chris is the self-dubbed, aptly named, Master of “The One Time Line.” If you need a tattoo on the go then he is your man. “I’m always about doing quality work, but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t tire me and the other person out…going over one line in a tattoo over and over again is pointless! Get it right the first time and move on. Sharp, crisp lines–that’s my thing…”


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Ink My Whole Body: The Chaos & Coolness of Ricky Havok (@Havok_Art_)!

Some people love art, some people live artistically, while still others are art incarnate. That is what City of Ink tattoo artist, Ricky Havok is–a man who is a walking work of art. Ricky takes the jazz, soul,and beauty of the feminine form and puts it to skin with divine penmanship! Yes, on the grand scale of tattooists in the city of Atlanta he is one of the best. Thus, it is no surprise he makes his home at City of Ink, at The Walker Street location. “I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember…my art is a way of expressing myself, what I value, and what I believe…”


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