[VIDEO] Rubble! Matt Damon’s “The Great Wall” (@thegreatwall) Bombs Opening Weekend!

the great wall movie poster

Matt Damon is definitely one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. However, even a film starring him can take at the box office. That is exactly what happened with his latest film, The Great Wall! The film did horribly its opening weekend, only earning 25 millions dollars–its budget was 150 million dollars, however! YIKES!

To be fair a few other films had horrible debuts. Ice Cube’s Fist Fight only earned 14.6 million and a Cure For Wellness earned under 5 million. These numbers are odd considering this is a long weekend when you include President’s Day. Fifty Shades Darker is the exception (unsurprisingly) taking in 20.9 million in its third weekend!

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Congrats! Donald Glover (@donaldglover) & James Earl Jones (@jamesearljones) Cast as Simba & Mufasa in “The Lion King” Remake!

Donald Glover cast as Simba in Disney's live action The Lion King Remake
Donald Glover cast as Simba in Disney's live action The Lion King Remake

Donald Glover (aka “Childish Gambino), may very well be having the best year ever!

Not only will he be a young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Star Wars movie, his hit series Atlanta won a number of Golden Globes, and now he has been cast in the role of a lifetime in Disney’s The Lion King remake! It has been reported that the rapper/singer turned actor will voice the film’s protagonist, Simba!

donald glover

As you recall, Disney has been remaking its animated films into live action movies;  Maleficent, Cinderella, Pete’s Dragon, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and The Beast have already been released or are soon to debut. Live actions films based on Aladdin’s Genie, and The Little Mermaid are already in the works. The Lion King, however, stands out as the “creme de la creme” of animated films, holding the title of the highest grossing animated film of all time. Its live action remake may very well prove to be the shining jewel in Disney’s new approach to these classic films.

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[VIDEO] We’re Feeling The Love! Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Entercourse” is Back w/ Short Film, “Rocky Love Ballad!”

entercourse poster

Tyson Anthony is a genius and his latest series, Entercourse, only reiterates that.

When we last left off with the series, Rocky (Elijah Black) finally realized and accepted he was a porn addict, and his loyal boyfriend, Miles (Jerome Parker) was determined to help him through it. Meanwhile, Miles’ friend and coworker, Drew, began questioning his sexuality.

drew and jackson entercourse

Neal Robinson and David Halle as “Jackson” and “Drew in Tyson Anthony’s “Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad”

Flash forward to Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad,  a short film to tide us over until Season 2; and we find that Rocky has left for a month to help his grandmother out and Miles has opted to “do his own thing.” Meanwhile, Drew’s questioning of his sexuality has grown to curiosity and his begun to explore gay dating apps. He meets a younger guy, Jackson (Neal Robinson), who very well may prove to be more than he bargained for. Miles starts a new job and meets a pediatrician, Nas (Coby Carlson), who has an alarming secret, but also wants to take pictures of him. Check out the trailer below.

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Ice Cube Hosts Fist Fight Prescreening in ATL


Several members of Atlanta’s press had the pleasure of attending the pre-screening of comedic movie, Fist Fight, starring hip hop legend Ice Cube and Horrible Bosses star, Charlie Day. Ice Cube, along with other celebs including Ed Lover, Gary Owens, Karli Redd and ATL’s radio personalities, Ryan Cameron, Reec Swiney, and HeadKrack were all in attendance to watch Cube’s upcoming comedy.


The film takes place on the last day of school, where eager graduating seniors are throwing classic pranks on the faculty. The mild-mannered high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Day) is trying his best to keep his head above water through while dealing with a dysfunctional administration, and budget cuts that put jobs on the line. But things go from bad to worse when he accidentally crosses his much tougher and deeply feared colleague, Ron Strickland (Cube), who challenges Campbell to an old-fashioned throw down after school.


Though Cube and Day are the stars of the show, comedians Tracy Morgan and Jillian Bell are the best supporting actors, leaving the audience in hysteria with their snarky comments, inappropriate behavior and all around hilariously funny charm. Fist Fight is definitely one to see if you’re in need of a good laugh. The lesson many can take from this movie, is when life knocks you down, you must roll with the punches and get back up.

Fist Fight debuts worldwide today, February 17th. Check out the trailer below.

[VIDEO] All Laughs! It’s “Lego Batman” (@LEGOBatmanMovie) & The Bat Family To The Rescue!

lego batman movie poster

Batman is back–but not in the way you would think so!

The Caped Crusader has taken on Lego form to bring us yet another action packed and humorous adventure as he takes on the criminals of Gotham City. In Lego Batman, the Dark Knight has yet again saved the day, defeated most of rogues’ gallery, and managed to break The Joker’s heart. “Hell has no fury like a ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ scorned” as the maniacal villain plots Batman’s demise after seeing Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector in action. Meanwhile, a new commissioner, Barbara Gordon, assumes her father’s mantle and wants to work with Batman to eradicate crime from the city. When the Joker invades the city with a horde of new villains at his command, it will take more than Batman to save the day, but can he face his deepest fear in time to save the day?

the joker lego batman

Normally we look at humorous Batman movies and cartoons with contempt, but this one was actually worthwhile. Where else do we get to see The World’s Greatest Detective take on villains like the Krakken, The Wicked Witch of The West, Sauron, and flying monkeys. It defies logic, but Batman will always find a way. More importantly we loved the inclusion of other members of The Bat Family–Robin (Dick Grayson), Alfred Pennyworth, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)–albeit with convoluted background stories in this tale (LOL)–who are highly important to the characters’ mythos no matter what story or genre he is in.

You will laugh so hard your sides burst, but like me will find yourself wanting a Lego Batman of your own! Be sure you catch this hilarious and heartwarming. You might just walk away a lot happier and a lot more appreciative of the family you have. Lego Batman is in theaters everywhere today!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

[TRAILER] “Teen Titans: Judas Contract!”

teen titans judas contract movie poster

Sequel time! They are powerful, dangerous, formidable, superheroes, AND teens! Yep, the DC Animated Universe has expanded with yet another original film, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract! When we last saw Robin (Damien Wayne), Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle they had just finished battling Raven’s father, Trigon, and a possessed Justice League (these events took place in Justice League vs. Teen Titans). Although they nearly perished the team was unified, Robin learned to work within a team, and Raven went from heroic victim to outright heroine after facing her father.

This time around our teen heroes are facing down two of DC Comics’ biggest villains, Brother Blood and Deathstroke The Terminator. The former has hired the latter to bring him The Teen Titans for what seems to be some sort of a sacrifice. It will take all of The Titans, along with their latest recruit Terra, and a little help from Cyborg and Nightwing, it seems to take down these two villains and stop Brother Blood’s larger scheme! Check out the trailer below!

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Get The Details! “Frozen 2” Disney Crossover & Elsa’s Girlfriend?!

frozen 2

Frozen is undoubtedly one of Disney’s most beloved and legendary films. Although it is not old when compared to films like Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King,  or The Little Mermaid; its characters are just as memorable and may be even more relevant to present times.

Fans everywhere went crazy last year when Disney announced they were making a sequel to the hit film; and now details of what will be happening to Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the rest of the gang have begun to surface!

elsa anna and tarzan

Elsa, Anna and Tarzan

Apparently the sequel feature appearances from other Disney characters. The first interesting detail of Frozen 2 may very well address their long lost brother, Tarzan! As you recall, in an interview last year the creator of Frozen confirmed that the Elsa and Anna’s parents did not perish at sea, but were instead shipwrecked and gave birth to The King of The Jungle. The new film may be set to explore all the siblings meeting in a familiar theme Tarzan fans already know about, “two worlds, one family.”

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