From “Atlanta” to “Star Wars!” Donald Glover AKA “Childish Gambino” Cast in “Star Wars” Han Solo Spin-Off Movie!

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Donald Glover is the man! Yep the rapper, actor, singer, and producer is truly taking off this year. We LOVE him in FX’s hit series, Atlanta, but now he is really reaching for the stars as it has been announced he has been cast in the highly anticipated Star Wars Han Solo film! Lucasfilm announced earlier this week he will playing the role of Lando Calrissian in the still untitled film.

via Star Wars:

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He’ll join Alden Ehrenreich — previously cast as Han Solo — in bringing two iconic Star Wars characters back to the big screen, but at a time in their lives previously unexplored.

This new film depicts Lando in his formative years as a scoundrel on the rise in the galaxy’s underworld — years before the events involving Han, Leia, and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back and his rise to Rebel hero in Return of the Jedi.

“We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us,” said Lord and Miller. “These are big shoes to fill, and an even bigger cape, and this one fits him perfectly, which will save us money on alterations. Also, we’d like to publicly apologize to Donald for ruining Comic-Con for him forever.”

Glover is best known for creating and starring in the critically acclaimed FX series Atlanta (which had the highest premiere numbers for any basic cable comedy show since 2013), as well as for starring in four seasons of the showCommunity, and for his Grammy-nominated album Because the Internet, performed under the name Childish Gambino. In addition, Glover appeared in the Academy Award-nominated The Martian, and will be seen in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

We are so happy to see more people of color joining the Star Wars universe. Hopefully he won’t be met with the same hate as John Boyega, who played “Finn” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Congrats again Donald! Check back here for more updates guys!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO] First Look: “Logan”–The Third Solo Wolverine Film Is Here!

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We are back to the cinematic world of the X-Men once again, and yet again the future looks bleak. Yep, the infamous third solo Wolverine film is ready to make its debut in March! This time around our hero, Logan, really is flying solo as all of the X-Men, and mutants for that matter, are no more. Only he and Professor X remain. Not only has Logan aged, but he finds himself bitter, lonely, and angry until a mysterious girl that Professor X alleges is similar to him emerges. Naturally her appearance invites trouble and it looks like yet again our titular hero will be pulling himself from gloom and doom to heroism to save her and maybe the future of mutantkind. Check out the trailer below.

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In More Compton News…Eazy-E’s Daughter, Ebie (@WeWantEbie), is Raising Money for Documentary On His Death

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Last year’s Straight Outta Compton was a straight out hit! The buzz, the quality, and relevance of the film spoke volumes to audiences nationwide. Since then renewed interest in the gangsta rap group, Niggas With Attitude (NWA) and their rise to fame. This past weekend, we saw a horrifying portrayal of one of the group’s former members, Dr. Dre in a horrifying light via Michele’le’s biopic, Surviving Compton. Now it’s Eazy-E’s turn, not to be portrayed negatively, but to shed some light on his demise. His daughter, Ebie wants to create documentary about his death and is currently raising money to accomplish it.

We all know he died from AIDS-related complications, but how did he get it? When did he get it? Who did he get it from? There are so many questions…

via Rolling Stone:


Ebie has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary exposé titled A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies. She alleges, 21 years after Eazy’s death, that he was murdered and wants to present what she claims are “jaw-dropping” revelations about his final days and the battle for his estate. Ebie’s mother, Tracy Jernagin, and half-sister, Erica, are signed on as producers; the three women have been working together on the film for the past 10 years. DJ Quik has also showed his support for the doc by appearing in a video promoting the campaign. At press time, the campaign has earned less than one percent of its $250,000 goal.

“The stories that we’re telling are mainly about the scandal surrounding my father’s death,” Ebie tells Rolling Stone. “But we also wanted to show his accomplishments, his personal life and, really, the aftermath of his demise and what happened to us. We never felt the story that was told to the public was the truth. It’s just something that has always pained us.”

Ebie’s allegations of scandal revolve around a 2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live!interview with Suge Knight – a co-founder of Death Row Records, the label that poached Dr. Dre from Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records – in which he speculates that Eazy could have been injected with AIDS-infected blood. She also wants to recount the controversial events of how the rapper’s estate was decided in the wake of what Los Angeles Times once described as a “deathbed marriage” to Tomica Woods Wright, a producer on Straight Outta Compton, two days before Eazy’s death.

A rep for Woods Wright did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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[VIDEO] #Hilarious! Why Kevin (@KevinHart4Real)!? “Kevin Hart: What Now” is CRAZY!


Kevin Hart is the man! He definitely proved that earlier this week when he was honored with his own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although that is an amazing accomplishment an even bigger and world record feat was when his show sold out the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia with 53K people in attendance! The movie records his live performance and what (fictionally) almost kept the show from happening.


The film begins with Kevin and Halle Berry attending an illegal poker game mere hours before his show in Philadelphia. Although they are there to make money, Kevin, unsurprisingly infuriates the other players with his antics resulting in a “near death-meets James Bond–meets Goldfinger” that will have you floored. Kevin’s actual show is what really takes the cake. Yes, he goes there and says exactly what he thought about his then fiancee, his children, and even his father. Life in the suburbs definitely does not seem to suit when he is dealing with rude raccoons, Starbucks addicts, Black girls in disbelief, and oh yes–sex toys!

Be prepared to life, cry, and then bring your own sutures to stitch your sides back together after dealing with his shenanigans. You will love to hate Kevin Hart for this one, but you will definitely crave to see more of him. Instead of asking him “What Now?” perhaps it should be “What’s Next?” Encore, Kevin, encore!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO] Coming of Age…Love Under “Moonlight (@moonlightmov)”

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It is so rare that you get to watch a movie that is actually beautiful. Especially when it comes to those proverbial coming of age stories. Moonlight, however is powerful, fulfilling, and moving as it tells the story of a young man not only coming of age, but exploring his sexuality, against the backdrop of the hood where he is persecuted by classmates and even his own mother (Naomie Harris) for being different.

We get to see this young man in three different stages of his life; childhood, adolescence, and finally manhood. In each stage he is known by a different name and perceived a different way. As “Little” in his boyhood he is quiet, sweet, but afraid and unsure of himself until he meets a kindhearted drug dealer, Juan (Mahershala Ali) and his girlfriend, Teresa (Janelle Monae). Then, known mostly by his given name, “Chiron,” he is still persecuted for being perceived as gay.

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[VIDEO] Awakening–Nate Parker’s (@NateParker) “Birth of a Nation” (@NatTurnerFilm) is Breathtaking

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There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Nate Parker’s Birth of a NationThe first being it’s title as it was originally the same name of a film in the early 1900s that glorified the Ku Klux Klan, then its content in being the biopic of Nat Turner, and finally the past rape allegations surrounding Nate Parker. Nevertheless, this film beautifully, horrifically, and masterfully recalled the Nat Turner Rebellion in August of 1831 which resulted in the deaths of sixty slave holding families and hundreds of free and enslaved Blacks, many who had nothing to do with the rebellion.

The film entails Nat’s entire life, showing he was physically marked for greatness from birth, the brutality his family faced from Whites, and his learning to read. Young Nat grows up to become a preacher, and a cash cow of sorts when a drought and poor resources compel slave masters to cut costs by cutting rations and care to their slaves.

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[VIDEO] “It’s Morphin” Time–AGAIN! In Case You Missed It! Saban’s “Power Rangers” Releases Teaser Trailer!


Go go Power Rangers! If you all knew how hard I was cheesing right now you’d probably tell me that my cheeks were going to burst but in this moment, I don’t even care. Saban and Lionsgate just released a brand new teaser trailer for the new ‘Power Rangers film set to hit theaters in 2017.


With the way superhero films and television shows have been dominating the industry as of lately, it’s actually no surprise that we get this new treat. The film is a reboot and re-imagining of the Power Rangers franchise, and the first film since Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, featuring most of the main characters of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers portrayed by a new cast.

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