“My Guiltiest Pleasures…”- Ariana Grande

Whoever said a girl cannot make you fall in love with her voice alone must have been deaf, dumb, and blind! Lately, one such girl with a voice has been taking the music scene by storm. Ariana Grande is racing her way to the top! From a goofy Nickelodeon teen to a worldwide sensation–we are witnessing a new diva on the scene. As scary as that is to say, it is just as enjoyable!


Most of you out there met Ariana via the primarily kids’ network, Nickelodeon. There she co-starred on “Victorious” and later headlined “Sam & Cat,” alongside her former friend and co-star Jeanette McCurdy. Although their relationship has since soured (and publicly at that click here to read more: https://heymikeyatl.com/2014/08/16/twitter-girl-fight-jennette-mccurdy-has-nothing-but-shade-for-ariana-grande-and-her-brother/ ), Ariana’s fame has only climbed. In the last year she has performed on the Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, released her debut album, ‘My Everything,” and is currently on an international tour! Quite a whirlwind of success right? Still, there is something about this girl beyond her music that just draws you in. Perhaps it is the fact that she is the living embodiment of the girl next door. She’s beautiful and yet seemingly attainable.


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“My Guiltiest Pleasures”- Dr. Catherine Black

ABC is a phenomenal network known for its tantalizing and groundbreaking dramas. We’ve been captivated by “Desperate Housewives,” riveted by “Scandal,” and empathized with “Revenge.” Now, a new series, “Black Box,” leads us to humanity’s final frontier–the brain!

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“My Guiltiest Pleasures. ..”- Maya Pope


ABC’s “Scandal” is more than a hit, it’s a phenomenon!  After three strong seasons this show still delivers the plot twists, backstabbing, and drama we as humans so deliciously enjoy– so long as it isn’t happening to us! Although all the characters on Scandal are stellar,  this season one took the cake, outwitting and outmatching “The Great and Revered Olivia Pope” and almost took out her super scary father, Rowan.  That character is none other than Maya Pope!


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My Guiltiest Pleasures…-Raquel Lancaster

"Raquel Lancaster" portrayed by Denise Vasi

“Single Ladies” is VH-1’s first original series. Created by Queen Latifah’s Flava Unit production company the show has been a hit for the network from its inception. Initially the show centered around Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea, who respectively portrayed Val Stokes, Keisha Green, and April Goldberg. with the success of “The Real Housewives” franchises and ratchet reality television shows, it became an oasis of positivity celebrating the strong bond of friendship women can have when they behave more like sisters, and less like rivals. After just one season, veteran actress Stacey Dash left the show. Fans (that includes me) were shocked and wondered how the show could move on without its star character. Miraculously, the show pulled it off when they brought on former soap star, Denise Vasi in the role of “Raquel Lancaster.”

Initially there were noticeable similarities between Val and Raquel. Both are hopeless romantics, impressive businesswomen, fashionistas, and great friends. However, unlike Val, Raquel is a fighter. Whereas, Val fled embarassment in Atlanta for refuge in Italy, Raquel manages to pull herself together and save her love for another day and another guy. Beyond her beauty (and the girl is a goddess), Raquel is written to have poise, a refreshing change from the less than classy ladies on many of primetime’s other dramas. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, you would think “Buckhead” as Terrance so affectionately calls her, would solely go for men who are socialites and CEOs. Not this lady, she knows a smart woman has options, and a good men can come from all walks of life. Whether you’re a grease ball mechanic or the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company you definitely have a chance to woo Raquel Lancaster.

Even though “Single Ladies” is ending on March 24th it is my hope my favorite single lady will have somewhat of a happy ending. This girl truly knows life is a little less lustrous when you do not have someone to call your own. For all these reason and because she wants “passion in her love, not logic;” Raquel Lancaster is one of “My Guiltiest Pleasures…”


My Guiltiest Pleasures…- “Mellie Grant”


By now everyone in America is familiar with the tantalizing affair between Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant and Olivia Pope. In fact, it is one of the few instances where millions of people are rooting for the other woman to win. Few realize, however, what makes their determination so intriguing is Fitz’s wife and First Lady, Mellie Grant ‘s plots to keep them apart!

First off, let’s just all admit Mellie Grant is the most awesome First Lady to ever hit fiction. Whereas real life First Ladies have all come off as poised and on a pedestal. The “behind the scenes” motif of “Scandal” gives us a rare glimpse of a First Lady actually being human. Mellie has faults, insecurities,  a sense of entitlement, and is an expert at political war fare. Most women in her position would succumb to their powerful husband’s wishes, but not this woman. She has got dreams of doing it big and no one, not even the President of The United States is going to stop.

Until recently, I like so many others, was not a Mellie fan. I found her to be distant and cold, almost feeling as though she pushed Fitz to cheat on her. I felt Olivia provided him with everything she refused to give. However, after watching the episode, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” I realized we all owe her an apology.

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“My Guiltiest Pleasures”- The Real Housewives of Atlanta


After six seasons of melodrama, malicious gossip, colorful decadence, and a never ending calendar of events EVERY ONE knows of Bravo ‘s leading Southern belles, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta!” Originally an attempt to expand the Real Housewives franchise to another city and attract African – Americans this experiment became the most popular show on the network averaging millions of viewers every season. Yes Kandi Buruss, Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore(my personal favorite), and Porsha Williams – Stewart  never fail to give us everything we ask for in reality television. The latest season, however, has the husbands dishing out there fair share of drama as well. Peter is up to his usual shenanigans as he attempts to regulate like a Jamaican pimp. Whereas Apollo Naida really shows his dark side by pummeling Kenya’s assistant, and is now being charged with bank fraud.
Part Two of last night’s brawl  introduced us to a new side of Kandi. This musical hit maker unleashed the beast, ready to take Cynthia’s sister, Mallory out. Fingers are currently being pointed everywhere as to who is to blame for this whole debacle. However, as the host of the event and by creating a hostile and negative environment with her invasive questions Nene Leakes bares the brunt of the blame. The show is called “Real Housewives” for a reason and sometimes it gets just that real. For this reason, these six lovely ladies are my latest guiltiest pleasures.

Why I Love Them:
-Nene and her reads are hilarious.  Say what you want but it makes for good TV.
-The ongoing feud between Phaedra and Kenya is nothing short of delicious!
-Kenya’s prison jokes about Apollo and his sexuality.
-Mama Joyce jumping mad with Kandi’s friend
-This brawl involving almost every single cast member!
-Phaedra’s over the top, extravagant parties for her children
-Kenya’s “Stallion booty” video!

Catch the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” on Bravo, Sundays at 8 PM EST!


“My Guiltiest Pleasures”-Magneto


Growing up, we are taught of the cosmic clash between good and evil. On the side of good we have our heroes, ready to save us and the world at large. Then on the other side are the villains, the boogeymen we dread, ready to do whatever it takes to rule the world. This binary rule seems to be the norm in the world of comics, but then as with any rule, you’ll find an exception. Magneto is that exception! This character grew up during the Holocaust and watched as his large Jewish family was massacred by the Nazis. Believing mutants, humans born with super powers that manifests at puberty, would meet a similar fate he has taken a more militant stance in ensuring their survival. Believing evolution dictates their superiority, he wants nothing more than a mutant-dominated world–even if he has to kill a few billion humans in the process. As the supreme “Master of Magnetism” he has been close to doing so more times than not.

If you have ever been a member of a persecuted minority then you sympathize with Magneto’s plight, and in fact understand his methods. In many ways his mantra is similar to Malcolm X’s, “…by any means necessary!” Unbeknownst to most people his creation was inspired by the slain civil rights activist’s stance. Whereas, the founder of the X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), believes mutants and humans can peacefully coexists. Magneto realizes that human nature fears anything different. Sadly, throughout most of his history he’s caused more to fear him than aspire to be like him. This has caused him to clash with not only the X-Men, but the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four as well. Still Magneto’s not your typical villain. He’s that rare “anti-villain,” an honorable villain who has more in common with heroes than other villains. His “good nature” has also caused him to clash with major villains like Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Dr. Doom, and a host of others. To put it simply Magneto is only on the side he feels will keep his people safe, and even then he has his own methods and tactics. This only proves that ultimately he may only be on his own side! That’s why he’s my latest guiltiest pleasure.

Why I Love Him:

-He ripped the adamantium from “the mighty” Wolverine’s bones.

-He’s a dangerous hero and a powerful villain

-He’s one of the few villains to actually coerce the entire world into given them control of a country, google “Genosha!”

-He’s one of a few who has safely had sex with Rogue.

-His children are kick ass! Google “The Scarlet Witch,” “Quicksilver,” and “Polaris!”

-He single-handedly saved San Francisco from a deadly earthquake

-He held the entire Earth hostage by reversing the manipulating the Earth’s magnetic field, disrupting all air traffic and forms of communication.

-He can manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Check out his powers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magneto_(comics)#Powers_and_abilities

Is Magneto a “Guilty Pleasure” of yours as well? Check him out in all X-Men related comic book series and coming later this year his solo, self-titled series, “Magneto!”